Research Proposal on Self Efficacy

Self Efficacy research proposal:

Self Efficacy is the trust in the effectiveness of one’s efforts and the success of one’s activity. Self efficacy is one of the major elements of the social and cognitive theory of the famous psychologist Albert Bandura. The general indicator of the self efficacy depends on the complex of the self efficacy in different spheres of the human activity. Bandura claimed that the behavioural disorders are connected with the poor level of self efficacy and self-esteem.

Self efficacy is the trust that the person would act in the difficult and controversial situation successfully and solve the problem well. Briefly, self efficacy is the understanding of the one’s hidden potential which can be revealed in the critical situation. According to Albert Bandura the majority of the psychological disorders are connected with lack of trust into one’s efforts and the ability to solve problems well.

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If the person does not believe in her own opportunities and abilities to cope with the challenges of life, she would never reach the success. Self efficacy influences the human behaviour in the stressful situation and if the self-esteem is low, the person will not be able to act adequately. The quality of self efficacy depends on several main factors. The first factor is the existence of the variety of the norms of behaviour and the ability of the individual to use these norms on practice. The second factor is experience, which is gained during the observation other people. The third factor is the attitude towards the person of the third people: encouragement, support or on the contrary, humiliation and criticizing.

The final factor is the physical, emotional and psychological condition of an individual.

Self efficacy is the quality which can make the human life successful and the student should research the problem in the appropriate way to illustrate the importance of this trait for the human life. The research proposal is aimed at the presentation of the valid and trustworthy information about the relevance of the topic on self efficacy, the factors which influence it, the value of the trait for the human activity, etc. The most obvious task of the proposal is to persuade the reader in the importance of the problem and demonstrate the alternative approach towards the issue.

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