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Andrew Carnegie (Dunfermline (Scotland) 25 November 1835 – Lenox (Massachusetts) August 11, 1919) is a Scottish industrialist and philanthropist, naturalized American.

Andrew Carnegie was born 25 November 1835 in Dunfermline, Scotland, the first son of William and Margaret Union Carnegie. His father participated in Chartism, social movement whose goal is to improve the living conditions of workers in Britain.

While his father’s business was in jeopardy, his family emigrated to the USA in 1848, when he was thirteen, Andrew Carnegie moved to Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

Having begun in the textile industry as a simple worker, he decided to educate himself up reading books in libraries near his house.

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It then creates one of the largest U.S. steel mills in Pittsburgh, between the Civil War and the beginning of the twentieth century.

The success of his company, Carnegie Steel, is mainly due to its ability to produce in large quantities and at low prices the rails for railway, whose demand was high at this time. In 1865, he founded the Keystone Bridge Company, which was the origin of the Eads Bridge.

He also participated in the rail equipment manufacturing with Pittsburgh Locomotive and Car Works. In 1901, for the sum of 480 million dollars, he sold his patent rights to a group of financiers led by J. P. Morgan, which was at the time a record for a commercial assignment. He was nicknamed “the richest man in the world” and is the perfect embodiment of the American dream.

Andrew Carnegie was famous for having founded a philosophy of philanthropy, better known as the “Gospel of Wealth.” His thinking was popularized through the U.S. by publishing a series of his autobiographical essays titled Wealth, which appeared for the first time in The North American Review in June 1889.

The philosophy of the “Gospel of Wealth” by Andrew Carnegie was characterized by a mixture of Puritan ideas and social Darwinism that reflects a society organized according to the pattern of social classes. He believed that the search for the accumulation of profit must be what drives the poor while at the top of the hierarchy, the men of wealth must accumulate money to redistribute surplus during their life to those who cannot help themselves.

In the United States, he has created about 2,500 free public libraries bearing his name, the Carnegie Libraries. He has also funded 65 branch libraries in the City of New York and helped cultural institutions (museums, Carnegie Hall), churches, and public parks.

Andrew Carnegie is best remembered as a benefactor and philanthropist. Until his death in 1919, he has given more than 350 million to various foundations and the last 30 million of his remaining fortune at his death bequeathed to various charities.

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