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Term Paper on Behaviour Modification

Behaviour modification is the complex of methods and techniques which are aimed at the change of the human behaviour into the positive direction. Generally, behaviour modification is applied in the serious cases, for example to cure the people who have mental diseases and psychological disorders and the people who are supposed to be dangerous for the society. Behaviour modification includes numerous methods and techniques which are generally based on the two major approaches: positive and negative.

Positive behavioural modification is understood as the positive motivation. Experts apply positive methods, like rewarding and gradually the person gets rid of the negative behaviour and improves it to the regular condition.

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Years ago another approach was quite popular and it is called the negative one, when the behaviour was changed with the help of punishment. This approach is severely criticised nowadays, because punishment will never change the human behaviour for the better and even make it worse, causing additional harm to the human psychics.

Behaviour modification is applied also for the various organizational trainings, the sphere of education, etc. It is obvious that every organization, both public and private have the certain norms of behaviour and special trainings are organized by the managers who try to conform the employees’ behaviour to these regular norms. Behaviour modification is also used to help people with socialization and conformation to the correct social norms, which would help them live in the society without any problems.

The effectiveness and relevance of the topic on behaviour modification is evident, because the modern world requires everyone to fit to the general behavioural standards in order to live in the society well. When the student is really interested in the methods and techniques of behavioural modification, he is welcome to prepare a term paper on it. A well-analysed behaviour modification term paper is supposed to contain up-to-date information about the problem itself, dwell on the nature, aspects and principles of behaviour modification and present all the methods which are widely used for the improvement of the human behaviour. In addition students are expected to provide the historical background of the problem, present the direct cases and examples of behaviour modification and define its strong and weak sides.

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