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Antisocial Personality Disorder Research Paper

Antisocial personality disorder is characterized by a fundamental lack of respect for the rights of others, lack of ability to feel guilt and of not caring about social norms. People with this disorder are often involved in criminal activities. Psychopathy is often perceived as a grave variant of antisocial personality disorder.

People with antisocial personality disorder show a lack of remorse or empathy. This is shown in indifference to having hurt, stolen from, or betrayed someone. They are also often very manipulative and impulsive.

The disorder is much more common in men than in women. A review of 1993 by the American writer Patricia B. Sutker said that 3% of the male population could be diagnosed with the disorder, but less than 1% of the female population.

A personality disorder can only be diagnosed on an adult (over 18 years old), but the diagnosis is strongly associated with an earlier conduct disorder.

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There is a pattern of disrespect towards other people is indicated by the mischief usual for the disorder, such as antisocial, unlawful behavior, lying, etc.

Twin studies and adoption studies have shown that there is a significant genetic component in the genesis of antisocial personality disorder. This means that there is a specific set of genes that predispose to the disorder, but it occurs in a complex interaction between genes and social environment.

The research has also investigated the neurobiological differences that can cause interference. Some general brain damage has not been found; patients get as good scores on neuropsychological tests as the average individual. Two more specific hypotheses have instead received some attention: “underarousal” hypothesis, which holds that these patients is cortical under-stimulated, and therefore need to behave in extreme ways, and fearless security hypothesis, which says that they have a higher threshold for experiencing fear.

Psychosocial causal factors such as upbringing is also relevant, a child who has been indulged by arguing can develop oppositional defiant disorder, or conduct disorder, as an adult may enter into an antisocial personality disorder.

People with antisocial personality disorder almost never come to psychotherapists on their own accord and virtually unable to form a critical, for many therapies (especially psychoanalytic), working alliance with the therapist. However, they sometimes feel that the relationship of other people, apparently, are based on different principles than they know, and as a consequence, a lack of something important, that in the end can lead them to a psychologist for a session.

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