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Research Paper on Being a Teacher

Being a Teacher research paper:

What does it mean being a teacher? What is still the most important qualities in teaching profession?

A teacher is a person, who gives the young men the invaluable store of knowledge, without which there is no road to the future. Teaching profession has existed since ancient times and has always been considered one of the most respected in the world. However, in recent years the role of the teacher has changed. The modern teacher is rather a mentor, a wise companion, a helper, able to teach his students to acquire knowledge independently. It is well known, that success of the learning process lies in the teacher and student collaboration. Cooperation, it is an activity, when both parties are interested in each other.

When a teacher goes to class and hear the friendly voices of children, see their faces, smiling at him, he feels this energy that gives him strength to put more and more efforts in teaching, he has a strong desire to make this process more interesting, unusual, and fascinating for his students.

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Being a teacher means being able to communicate with the children, to see the world through their eyes. It goes without saying that the understanding between the teacher and the student can only be achieved through dialogue. Communication is the lesson of co-creation, the lesson of freedom, where everyone can speak out, not adjust themselves to the other. Communication is always a discovery. First of all, for a teacher, who with the help of his students “discovers” himself and who is a key for each students personality.

A teacher is not only a conductor of knowledge, but also the creator of culture, though, the most delicate, refined, and spiritual. As in the theater, he needs a friendly emotional response of those with whom he interacts – his students. He needs their attention. The attention is when something is really expected from you. Therefore, being a teacher is to be able to interest students with your subject, to be able to be an artist in every lesson.

After all, what students expect to see in their teacher? Skills, erudition, literacy, profound knowledge of his subject? Of course. And yet: they wanted his to be able to improvise, to invent! Only then teacher’s art becomes a student’s creativity, and it is such a personality – creative, and versatile that is interesting to the children.

What else qualities should have a modern teacher? Humanity and tolerance, persistence and mobility, responsibility and dedication to the profession, creativity and optimism – all is important for being a teacher. Of course, this is not easy. Teachers need to put a great effort in what they are doing so that their job has become inspired, creative, beloved.

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