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Search robot (also known as a spider web crawler) is a program, which is an integral part of the search engine and is designed to loop through Internet pages to collect information about them into the search engine database.

Web spider acts like a regular browser. It analyzes the page content, stores it in a specific form in the search engine’s server, of which it is an essential part, and follows the links to the next page. Search engines owners often limit the depth of the web spider penetration, and the search engine may not fully index the maximum volume of the scanned text, so too large websites. In addition to the usual web spider, there are so-called “woodpeckers,” which are robots that check the indexed site to determine if it is available.

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Search algorithms determine the order of looping through pages, the frequency of visits, protection against infinite looping, as well as the selection criteria of the relevant information separation. In most cases, the transition from one page to another defined by the links contained in the first and subsequent pages. In addition to that, many search engines provide the user with an opportunity to add his Web site to the queue for indexing. Typically, this dramatically speeds up the indexing of the site, and in cases when there are no external links to the site at all, it is the only way to indicate its existence.

To limit the indexing of the site, you can use the robots.txt file, but some unscrupulous bots can ignore the existence of the data. Complete protection from indexing can be achieved by using other mechanisms, such as setting a password on the page or the requirement to complete a registration to access to content.

Today web crawlers are an indispensable part of the search engine functions, that is why it is critically important to genuinely investigate and thoroughly analyze all the relevant data on the process, as well as its precursors and the history of its development. College or university students who have chosen this subject as a topic for their research paper have to study the phenomena profoundly and try to explain the critical moment of its functioning and area of its implementation. In addition to that, it would be beneficial to present your ideas on the subject as well as to show the possible ways of the process improvement.

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