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Research Paper on Blood Diamonds

Blood Diamonds (or war diamonds) are those diamonds, which were obtained in a war zone, by using slaves or slave-people regime.

The development of practices like these are factual and concise example of a massive human rights violation and obvious existence of slavery and the power of transnational corporations, traffic, customs, and big fashion brands. The UN has repeatedly spoken on this issue, although the solutions have been significant but have not reached the center of the issue of this political, cultural, and legal problem, existing in African poor nations involved in this issue.

In 2003, the UN adopted the Kimberley Process through a program that tries to combat this traffic. Meanwhile Canada has taken advantage of this situation to present itself as a reliable supplier of “clean” diamonds.

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Similarly, a number of other raw commodities, such as coltan in the Democratic Republic of Congo or timber in Cambodia, are or have been the subject of illegal trades in order to fund armed conflicts.

Although some countries do not meet the requirements for membership of the Kimberley Process, they can enter the process. In 2007, the value of the conflict diamonds was $ 10.2 million dollars.

In August 2010, the trial for Sierra Leone against former Liberian president Charles Taylor for crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone’s civil war began in the Special Court. The president was convicted in April 2012. Taylor was accused of funding the war at the expense of these gemstones. Among other evidences, in August 5, 2010, model Naomi Campbell gave stating that she received “dirty stones” from the people close to the dictator.

In 2006, Warner Bros. released the Blood Diamond, which tells a story about a country embroiled in an internal war, which is profitable business for large conglomerates of diamond operators, which buy the stones on the black market and how they manipulate the market and prices.

The History Channel aired a documentary Blood Diamonds, telling a story about the business on the conflict diamonds and how governments has managed to reduce and eradicate it in American countries and how these nations were affected by these bloody wars that caused irreparable human losses and backwardness most aberrant since their independence.

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