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Cell biology is a science about the structure, function, and development of cells of animals and plants, and unicellular organisms and bacteria. Cytological studies are essential for the diagnosis of human and animal diseases.

Cell biology studies cell structure, its function, metabolism, response to injury, pathological changes, reparative processes, and adaptation to environmental conditions. As well as the characteristics of individual cell types with regard to their specialization (in multicellular organisms) or evolutionary adaptation to the environment (in bacteria).

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The development of cell biology is historically associated with the creation and improvement of the microscope and histological methods. The term “cell” was first used by Robert Hooke, who described the structure of plant cells, in the XVII century. Robert Hooke’s observations were confirmed and developed by Marcello Malpighi, Nehemiah Grew, and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek.

The technological revolution of mid-twentieth century led to the rapid development of cell biology and revision of its concepts. Due to the invention of electron microscopy, cell structure was profoundly studied and largely uncovered functions of previously known cell organelles was discovered as well as a completely new level of submicroscopic structures. Study of ultrastructure of cells allowed to divide the entire world into a living organic eukaryotes and prokaryotes.

The development of molecular biology has shown the fundamental likeness of the genetic code and the mechanisms of protein synthesis on matrices nucleic acids for the whole organic world, including the kingdom of viruses. New methods of isolation and study of cellular components, development and improvement of the cytochemical studies, especially cytochemistry of enzymes, the use of radioactive isotopes for the study of the cellular macromolecules synthesis, the introduction of electronic methods in cytochemistry, the use of labeled antibodies for photofluorographic study using fluorescence analysis of cellular localization of individual proteins, preparative methods and analytical centrifugation greatly expanded the limits cell biology and led to the elimination of clear distinctions between cell biology, developmental biology, biochemistry, molecular biophysics, and molecular biology.

In the light of the above, college and university students should also the fact that through the recent years cell biology from a purely morphological scientific discipline evolved into an experimental discipline that studies the basic principles of the cell and through it the basis of life organisms. And this modern science requires the advanced knowledge in many areas that fall within its field of interest. That is why students have to prepare most thoroughly to their researches.

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