15th Amendment Essay

The 15th Amendment to the USA Constitution was the first step to provide the citizens with the even rights.

A) What is now considered a normal human right used to be an innovation about one century ago. The document of the 15th Amendment became extremely essential when the slavery was denied and new basis for living grounded.
B) The 15th Amendment to the USA Constitution has become one more step forward on the way to providing all people with truly independence. It should be emphasized that this document legally guarantees that any American cannot be refused to have a right to vote.
C) Not race, or color or any other conditions cannot empower one to take away the right to have the same laws restricting one’s behavior that others do.

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Main body
A) According to John Mabry Mathews, the right to vote belonged only to the white men, and this document has changed the situation deeply granting the African Americans with the even rights.
1. The Supreme Court reviewed the case of Dred Scott verses Sanford and as a result, the rule was set that African Americans did not have the opportunity to vote. It was acting up to the 15th Amendment adoption.
2. March 30, 1870 has become an essential date in the calendar of all the Americans. (Mathews, 1909). Following the American Civil War, the First Reconstruction Act was passed over the President Andrew Johnson.
3. The South was divided into five military districts grounded on the universal manhood suffrage.(“Fifteenth amendment” )

B) The Fifteenth Amendment is regarded the third of the Reconstruction Amendments.
1. The history knows two versions of the document that faced challenges in being ratified by the country majority at the beginning. The matter was that the voters still needed to be Christian.
2. Despite all the problems, the Fifteenth Amendment has been officially adopted bringing the changes into the United States society. Giving the right to vote to the African Americans meant much more than it could seem at the very beginning.
3. The right to vote provided the African Americans with the formal rights of citizens. They have become equal with other citizens, and the era of slavery that was a shame for our country was finally finished.

C) According to the governmental publication, at the beginning, the judicial view of the Amendment was purely emphasizing purely negative consequences.
1. The Supreme Court announced: “The Fifteenth Amendment did not confer the right… (to vote) upon any one” (“Fifteenth Amendment: Right of Citizens to Vote” ).
2. Even nowadays, there are debates taking place determining the place of this document in history.
3. The New York Times points out that the attempts to frustrate its object by the Democrats can be explained with anger and misrepresentation. (“New York Times” ) All in all, the most historians claim that this document had a positive power in the past.

A) The Fifteenth Amendment provided the African Americans with the rights to vote. It is essential, that to surprise of a lot of people, Civil War intensified the perception of the problem, and in the end triggered its adoption.
B) The ratification of the document was not easy as only the Christians could vote for its being active. However, as a result, the African Americans obtained the same rights as all the other citizens of the country benefited from.
C) There are some discussions over the action of this document, although the most researchers acknowledge its positive outcome.

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