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Crowdsourcing Research Paper

is a method to solve problems with, or seek proposals for solving problems from many other partners. It has largely become possible with Web 2.0.

The concept involves a wider range of ideas, faster solutions to complex problems and are often economically beneficial part of a project. Crowdsourcing is a project of open innovation, individual providers is its opposite and involves few people, such as parent-teacher meetings.

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By crowdsourcing you can help to advance new technologies, develop a design, refine or perform various steps of an algorithm, or to collect, process, or systematize large data volumes. In 2011, crowdsourcing  was used to design the Island’s new Constitution.

Sometimes there is plenty of money to get to the individual through crowdsourcing when organizers put out a prize to the one who succeeds best. Among other things, Pepsi did this in 2007, when the winner received 10,000 dollars as cash prize to design their new jar. By allowing the public to make the design,  instead of hiring expensive designers, the company thus saved the money.

The term “crowdsourcing” is a concatenation of the words “crowd” and “outsourcing”, which was first used in June 2006 by Jeff Howe in his article called “The Rise of Crowdsourcing” in Wired magazine. Howe explained that the technological advances have allowed low-cost electronics for consumers, which narrowed the gap between professionals and amateurs. Companies can then take advantage of the public’s talents and Howe say that this is not outsourcing, but crowdcourcing.

There are several categories of crowdsourcing, here are the most common. First and common to all is to appoint a group, it can be employed in one or more companies, to large Web-based forums where users or the general public can share their ideas. Often, but not always, set appropriate conditions in the form of financial or material compensation up for those making contributions. Crowdsourcing project can use one or more of these points for their product or service:

The most successful version of crowdsourcing is sometimes called collective intelligence, crowd wisdom. This means that the group or the public’s knowledge and expertise contribute to new innovative ideas.

The second most used category is crowd creation where the creation or production is left to users. Many open source project falls within this category which sought results painted up to be achieved with the help of the users.

Crowd voting is a way to limit and specialize a project by users. If the ideas have arisen through crowd wisdom, these were many and contain several ramifications. By allowing users to add their opinion, and maybe vote, among the various alternatives, the project manager can determine which methods seem to be suitable and which parts are most requested. An example of automated crowd voting are search engines that place the pages visited most often highest in the results list.

Another category is the grassroots funding where the crowd is asked to lend or provide grants for various purposes to a project to be pushed through.

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