Applied Psychology Definition Essay

Fitness first Gym is located in the United States. The company was founded in 2000. The company is distributed to other countries around the globe, providing fitness services. The clubs in Abu Dhabi are located in Farasha mall, Sakheefa Mall and Aboody Mall having over 7500 staffs. The Gym offers exclusive ladies, only gym and mixed training options. The club provides stretch zones, GX studio, and free weights. The club also has a lounge that provides high-speed connectivity and free drinks. The gym also provides enough space to perform the exercises and Zumba classes. The Gym maintains a culture where one chooses what type of exercise to carry out. The research focuses on how psychology has been used to maintain and improve the activities in the fitness club.

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The case study aims to explore the various practices conducted in Abu Dhabi Fitness First Club and identify the theory that has been used in the current methods. The research will also provide suggestions on how the current practices can be improved, basing the facts on the theories and research conducted. The main aim of the study is to explain the use of psychology in Recruitment of personnel and the class content.

Definition of Applied Psychology
Applied psychology refers to the application of psychological theories to the influence and organizational setup and professions. Applied psychology has been used in a wide range of disciplines; for instance, in the case study, it has come in handy to help in persuasive communication. On the other hand, it has been used in advertising the company through various platforms and also in hiring the staffs. The other use is to help solve cases and provide solutions to problems using theories and lad-centered analysis. The psychologists have acquired much scientific knowledge; thus, they can create a hypothesis and develop other experimental designs. In the case study, the psychologists have helped provide exercises that will act as anti-depressants, thus improving the people’s health. The results are then explained to the audience. However, applied psychologists have been used in Fitness First Gym to help people improve stress resistance.

Majority of the advertisement is conducted within the organization. The posters always produce images of attractive women and men to inspire other people. Social learning theory states that people change their behavior upon seeing other people who have been rewarded by the same trend. However, the main problem with advertising is that some people got deluded ideas affecting their culture. The club should consider that factor.

The classes have a dark theme and loud music, which helps people not to feel self-conscious. The teacher also applause the class for the excellent work done. The theory used is operant conditioning theory, also known as B.F. (Parling, Mortazavi & Ghaderi, 2010) Skinner, which explains that learning is a process where one changes the behavior. The behavior is changed when one responds to certain stimuli in the environment. However, the theory commends all those in the class where not all have performed well. Therefore, it can be the less motivating reason being it does not narrow down to individuals that have not practiced well.

Human Resources Psychometric Assessment
Fitness First Company employs a wide range of employees from various walks. Therefore, it is essential for instructors to have the right skills to help in the recruiting process. Human Resources skill require psychological research that will be used in the recruitment process. Apart from language Fitness First selection strategy should be based on sound Organizational and psychological practices and principles. Therefore, X and Y need to embrace the vast usage of psychological theories to help improve their services.

Parling, T., Mortazavi, M., & Ghaderi, A. (2010). Alexithymia and emotional awareness in anorexia nervosa: Time for a shift in the measurement of the concept? Eating Behaviors, 11(4), Epub 2010 Apr 2020.

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