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Research Paper on Gas Chambers

Gas chambers are a space for the killing of animals or the execution of human beings by means of gas.

Free sample research papers on the topic will teach that gas chambers the first time was mentioned in 1891, when Gas chambers were used from the beginning to the microscopy study of gases effect on structures and organisms. A contemporary synonym gas chamber was gas oven, but this synonym gradually disappeared, probably because it was felt that it deprived the victims of the Holocaust, their dignity. The word later got a different meaning.

In Nazi Germany’s concentration and extermination camps gas chambers were used for execution of Jews, political opponents, Roma, the disabled, the mentally ill and the people displeasing for the regime. Experiments with the gassing of people the first time were performed on Soviet prisoners of war.

The method was more effective than firing. In Auschwitz they used Zyklon B, in Treblinka and Sobibor the carbon monoxide from the engine was used.

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Auschwitz II (Birkenau) was the camp in Nazi Germany where most people were gassed and then cremated. Auschwitz gas chambers were designed and built by the German firm JA Topf und Söhne.

In the United States, some states use fumigation as an alternative method of execution. Implementation begins with the offender placed in a chair and strapped. The chair is in a special hermetic room (gas chamber) that is closed. An open container which is under the seat is filled with sulfuric acid through a pipe from outside the chamber. Above the reservoir is an openable box with pellets of potassium cyanide. When the enforced executor opens the box the potassium cyanide falls into sulfuric acid. The chemical reaction between the two substances results in hydrogen cyanide in the form of gas, the same kind as Zyklon B . Through a stethoscope that is attached to the convict chest and connected to the outside of the chamber, a physician can determine when death has occurred. The gas then is sucked out with powerful fans and staff with masks then sanitizes the chamber and the executed with ammonia.

Fumigation was first used as a method of execution in 1915 in Utah and eventually became associated with the San Quentin Prison in California. By the time it has been abolished when the method came to be associated with the Nazi mass murder during World War II.

In the slaughterhouse industry, the stunning of animals occurs by gassing in a confined space. Stunning gas is carbon dioxide in minutes anesthetize the animals which then emptied of blood and die without waking up. AGA decided in 2002 to stop selling the carbon dioxide of the unlawful killing of chickens in barns. The rules have changed. Anyone who wants to kill hens with carbon dioxide after finishing production run no longer need to apply for an exemption from the Board of Agriculture.

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