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As the castle stood beautifully quiet on the land of Camelot, the Excalibur treasured and locked in a preserved room; the young and handsome king smiled softly and yet proudly. “Arthur!” a little cry of a small boy shrilled through those stoned walls of the castle, the king scooped the boy in his arms and gently, he kissed its cheek and landed the boy on his feet and with the king’s eyes glowing with triumph as he stared after the boy, running away from him rapidly.

Just as rapid as the king’s life, King Arthur had outgrown his faithfulness of a small boy discovering the Excalibur in the rock. He grew into a perfect gentleman whose knew the immortal of love, trust, and loyalty. Seemingly he was born with the warmness of goodness and full with dreams in the night sky filled with stars, his desires to reach the stars and achieve all the fantasies he had since childhood. Growing up as an orphan, Arthur was fulfilled with love and he has an utter huge amount of respect. So strong and brave, he was the one who planted the land of Camelot—making it marvelously glorious. The king himself may be filled with compassion and always willing to release reassuring words of comfort and yet he may be firm. Nevertheless, the king’s life wasn’t easy at all. So many obstacles came into his way… his paths to his dreams. In the king’s paths, so many lessons came to him, but those lessons made him a better man.

Just as strong and as magical as the Excalibur was, King Arthur profoundly fought against so much battles and never surrendered or lost to any of them. Waving the white flag meant disloyalty to the heir of Camelot.

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According to that, you can’t wave the white flag in life itself. In spite of everything, you can’t surrender to any obstacles that have invoked your paths. Aloof ways will never make your heart achieve with anything. The world is filled with “good and bad,” and that is just like the land of Camelot. The youngest Orkney brother, Gareth Orkney knew the difference between them and his steps followed the king’s. Life harbors so much of cruel twists of fates, but you face something new each brightening day. You must not despite them from your full-meaning life that you must invent nor shall you be already behind the golden doors of home.

However, now at fourteen, I am still walking on the path and envisioning my dreams. I have learned much through my young child’s pupils, and through a teen girl’s window of the soul. Not long ago I have learned a very valuable lesson of love and friendship. Don’t take life for granted, to be precise. In those hallways of high school there is so much of whispering secrets, the revolution of pain, and I have a secret of my own. One day, a man could come into my life instantly and never go away for I know I will reach from the bottom of my heart. The person will appear and teach me more of love and friendship but now I am wallpapered with the hallways, the classrooms, and the cafeteria where I see of those I know I differ from. I am still a mere girl but he will make me feel like an absolute woman.

Apparently, the book of The Once and Future King taught me that a person may be strong and it is the trait to be successful. King Arthur had gone through so much, and each mistake he made had taught him something, then he was certain that he will never make the same mistake again. You don’t have to be bad or evil to become a decent person – you can rightfully be one starting where you are, and anywhere. Simply through words of his story, King Arthur taught me that. He desired to seek new experience that may teach him something.

Life tortured him, it has banished him so many times but it never once changed him. He saw it differently, but only better. Because of the king of Camelot, I see that I am capable of being engaged with life, to taste its breeze and what it has to offer. I know King Arthur is aware that once you had done a good deed, then it is like receiving a gift in return. For my life, I know, by just being fair, and knowing what’s right or wrong, you may reform to a very balanced person, and pure. Just one person can make a big difference to mankind.

All King Arthur did was discovering the Excalibur, but all the good traits never came with it. He brought it on himself, making him a magical person. He had received the gift of slipping the Excalibur from the rock because he believed in something that most people have overlooked; that would be making the land of your home, which is also your heart, just as magical as the sword – the Excalibur! He did not have magic powers, but the King has done his assignments with true magic which is to love.

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