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Throughout time, people have been searching for a sense of comfort and the feeling of belonging. In certain situations, he/she aims to look beyond inane events in order to achieve something. This is approached by actions taken and words used in every day life. In these environments it is inevitable, desired, and essential for people to make peace. In order to achieve peace, people must have an understanding of society, discover who they are, and form their inner being.

As time progresses, people will always be engaged in conflict. It seems as if there is no possible way to resolve wars between groups. Individuals may be insecure about issues that they face, such as the construction of reality, progress, and individuality. There may also be differences that they cannot accept including social inequalities, race, gender, cultures, and ideas of ethnocentrism.

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In order for people to truly be at peace, they first must come to terms with the environment, acknowledge and be open to others. They must also stand up and take action. This is the first step in working together to form, ‘ Peace, Love and Empathy’.

Once a person finds compassion and concern for matters on the greater scale, he/she can begin to work to find peace in simpler things around them. There is escapism from reality where peaceful dreams would come. A lake, which is seemingly just a big hole filled with water, could be a serene pool of mystery and bliss, becoming a symbol of peace. As an exchange of words, “Peace be with you”, it would seem true that the individual does need peace to be with him or herself first. This can help form the person that they become.

If an individual were fighting with himself or herself, it would be hard to find a state of well-being or satisfaction. Emotional and mental violence could cause the individual to go crazy. It seems hard enough to live in a world of conflict, let alone living with the own self. The individual could look within and choose to continue to be at war, or find different alternatives and support. Once the inner person has come out, they are at peace.

In the world that has been given, it is sought out to find meaning and to come across peace. Efforts and actions have to take place in the situations in order to attain such harmony. Individuals must work with humanity, the person they are and want to be in order to achieve peace. Then peace has taken over.

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