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Research Paper on Media Violence and Children

The information boom has covered all areas of our life, including our children. To live in a modern society, ignoring the mass media phenomenon is impossible. However, family education often pays insufficient attention to the fact that the child is one of the persons most subjected to the mass media influence. Parents actually rarely control what their child listens on his headphones, what video games he plays, what literary and film characters he adores. It is much more common to leave a child to himself without any due control of the things the child is not able to handle himself. Thus children as the most impressionable and inexperienced viewers are most affected by the media.

The child values are not yet sufficiently developed to adequately assess what is happening on the TV or computer screen. Often, explicit aggressive actions of the main character (robberies, fights, murders, arson, etc.) are a kind of “minor flaw” in the background of his victories and “recognition” by others. As a result, the line between good and bad is blurred for the one who sits before the screen. All similar production secures a stable idea, which subsequently can be very difficult to correct, change it.

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Most of the children are able very easy to copy the behavior and mannerism of their favorite movie hero or host of some popular TV show or to remember quickly the information they have heard during the ads breaks. However, unfortunately, not all information they learn is safe or that they could handle. Today, it became matter of click on the remote control for a child to be brought in the open sea of sometimes dangerous data.

Detrimental effect of the media violence on children is usually noted first by their parents.

Sometimes it is the parents, who need support, feeling helpless in dealing with ideas of violence, which are free to broadcast through the media.

Surfeit of information has become one of the most important factors in shaping the personality characteristics of the child, including the important role played by aesthetic ideas and values.

From the first years of life, a child gets into the information field created by mass media.

However, there is a problem of mutual influence of the information and the structure of value orientations of the younger generation as a social agent. This relation between the medium and the subject is controversial, due to complex structure of its components. On the one hand, the commercialization of media leads to the predominance of violence. On the other hand, there is a lot of useful educational programs, videos, computer-based educational games, and applications that provide assistance in education, training, and help children more effectively absorb new information and knowledge. Media is a powerful tool that cannot be undoubtedly declared as bad or dangerous, but as being potentially very useful if properly controlled.

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