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The Great Universal Brotherhood, founded by Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere, is a cultural institution with an international character and is currently present in more than 22 countries. Its headquarters are in Caracas, Venezuela.

Its statutes are legally registered in any of the lands where it is established, and is registered in the United Nations as an NGO (non governmental organization). The Great Universal Brotherhood is also presented in the list of UNESCO Charter and under the ECOSOC, and works with their educational programs. The organization is not a sect or a political organization. Its fundamental principles are Tolerance, Truth, and Peace.

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The main goal of its founder, Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere, was to unite science, art, and religion, in a complete act of intellectual development and spiritual education. To achieve this purpose, it is considered necessary the collaboration of all religions, scientific, cultural, and philosophical organizations, whether a outside (exoteric) or internal (esoteric initiation) character. Basically, the G.F.U. declares the aim to unite all the people – without distinction of faith, nationality, gender or economic status – that recognize the superiority of spirit over matter, and who are willing to work for the welfare of humanity, so that one day will reign peace in the hearts of all individuals and so achieve a Great Universal Brotherhood.

The centers of the Network GFU propose a project of integral development that combines both the specific teachings of Raynaud de la Ferrière both those derived from yoga, astrology, and tantra. The G.U.B. Network prohibits the use of spiritualistic practices and “psychic” and insists on its non-religious and non-sectarian status.

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