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Mount Everest Research Paper

Mount Everest is located in Himalayas, on the ridge of Mah?lang?r Him?l (in its part, called Khumbu Himal). The south summit of the mount (8760 m) is located on the border of Nepal of and Tibet Autonomous Region (China), the North (main) summit (8848 m) is located on the territory of China.

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Everest has a form of trihedral pyramid, south slope is more steep. On the south slope there is no snow and firn. The height of the North-eastern shoulder is 8393 m. The height from the foot to the summit is about 3550 m. The summit consists mainly of sedimentary rock.

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From the south Everest joins Lhotse (8516 m), named sometimes the South summit, through the South saddle mountain pass (7906 m). From the north the steeply North saddle (7020 m) connects Everest to the North summit – Changtse (7543 m). The impassable east wall of Kangashung (3350 m) breaks steeply at the east. All the slopes of the massif are covered with the glaciers the disappear at the height of about 5 km.

Chomolungma partly enters in the complement of the Sagarm?th? National Park (Nepal).

In Tibetan “Chomolungma” means “Divine (qomo) Mother (ma) of life (lung is wind or life-breath),” and is named so after the Bon goddess Sherab Chamma. In translation from Nepal the name of the summit “Sagarmatha” means “Mother of Gods.”

The English name “Mount Everest” was given to honour a sir George Everest, 1790-1866, leader of geodesic service in British India during 1830-1843. This name was proposed in 1856 by the successor of George Everest of Andrew Andrew Waugh, 1810-1878, simultaneously with the publication of results of the research of his employee Radhanath Sikdar, who first measured the height of “The Summit XV” in 1852 and showed that it was the highest in the region and, probably, in the whole world.

Everest, being the highest mount on earth since olden times brings over to itself large attention of climbers, regularly attempting to climb the mount. Ascents on Everest on purpose to attain the summit of mountain are characterized by exceptional difficulty and sometimes finished by death of climbers (on 2014 the death rate at the attempts of climbing the mount makes near 11%. Indicated difficulty is conditioned by the especially unfavourable climatic conditions on the apex zone of mountain because of considerable height of its position.

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