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Nitrogen is a pure substance of gas that we breathe in every of our daily life . It is colorless so we could not notice it in the air . I t is not dangerous for our body , but if it is nitrogen oxide this gas can damage or kill our breathing. It’s symbol is N.

The element of it is thirty three element in the abundance in the earth’s crust. Moreover, the nitrogen ‘s atom has seven protons and seven electrons in and around the nucleus , they are positively charge and negatively charge The atomic number of it is number 7.Nitrogen has 2 shells the inner shell which contains two and the outer shell contains five .This is because normally the nitrogen’s atom outer can be able to hold only eight electrons since the atoms could be bond or join together with the others three electrons.

Thus, Nitrogen is the most abundant element in Earth’s atmosphere. It is used to produces many kinds of useful things like medicines to cure the ill people , dyes, and also explosives. Talking about its family , According to the periodic table , nitrogen is the top vertical column which is known as family or group 15 .The nitrogen atomic weight is 14.00067.

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The Nitrogen gas is made up of 78 percent of air we breathe in . It is called an diatomic meaning of two atom or element .(N2) When the two atoms of N2 it si known as dinitrogen which is fixed together in three bonds. Therefore, it shares three electrons with the other atom.The properties of it is very strong, makning the nitrogen of an molecule still and it is also unlikely th react with other atoms.The nitrogen gas is used to save other substances around them so theat they wouln not react with other chemicla like oxygen .

Nitrogen by itself is not essentail to life. But the compounds of it forms in living things are sssence of life itself.Nitrogen is an important part of proteins, the chemicals we need to live , and also is part of the chemical called DNA, which passes the genetic information from generation to generation . Nitrogen is part of every cell in our bodies. Thus, most of the nitrogen exits in the earth’s crust it is the mineral know as saltpeter or salt rock .

A volcano erupts , spewing lava and gases from deep in the earth and then the light odf the sun makes the hydrogen atoms to spread out from the ammonia molecule s. Later the nitrogen atoms form the ammonia then get together forming the diatomic nitrogen.

Nitrogen is the big need of Industry since the industral contain nitrogen . Both its liguid and gas are obtained in the process of making the liquid oxygen .The picture below show its process.

Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for humans and other animals . But our bodies cannot use the element directly. We need to eat plants and we can get the nitrogen . All livving s things depends on the nitrogen whether they are an animal or human .Moreovcer the nitrogen must be changed into ammonium ions(NH4+) or nitrate ions(NO3-), before the human bodies can be able to receive the nutrient . This kind of process is called fixing.

Nitrogen could also affect us too by making our planet aless pleasant place to live. These dangerous environmental factors are like the ari and water and human life that are caused by compounds containing nitrogen . Automobiles and trucks contribute about 14 percent of chemical that pollute our air.The air the city is filled with pollution from most of the engines. However not all air is used , Some air passes back out .Such pollants can still react with the natural gases in the air to turn into harmful chemicals.

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