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Ballet is a genre of instrumental music for the theater. Translated from the Italian, the word “ballet” means “dance.” The ballet has three main components: the soloists, chorus (chorus – a group of dancers, it can be compared with the chorus in the opera), and orchestra. How a dance is associated with the theater? It is very simple. The basis of any ballet is a literary work.

As well as a theatrical performance, the ballet has its own script, but here it is called “libretto.” The libretto is written only for ballet and opera. Author adapts a literary work, making some changes to it, but without prejudice to the course of events and keeping all the characters. When the libretto is ready, the composer writes music and together it is what makes the ballet. After that, professional dance directors, called choreographs, put it on stage, when the dancers have learnt their parts.

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In the ballet, as well as in the theater, there are costumes and scenery. All this is designed to ensure that it was easier for the audience to distinguish and recognize the characters.

As well as the theater and the opera, the ballet has its actors, but if the opera actors sing their monologues and dialogues, in the ballet the story is told by the body movement language, or dance. In this manner, the actors (dancers) communicate with each other, tell the audience about their feelings, and share their thoughts.

The history of ballet begins in the 14th century (Renaissance) and Italy. At this time, there was a division in the dance: home (balls, dancing at festivals and celebrations) and stage (rehearsed, staged, performed by professional dancers) The ballet first appeared in the second half of the 16th century in France. The first ballet was called “Le Ballet Comique de la Reine” (from French: The Queen’s Ballet Comedy) and was written by Baltazarini. In the 17th century, virtually in all Western European countries, special dance schools, which trained professional dancers, started to appear. Since then, the ballet began to evolve and became more popular and professional.

The Russian ballet appeared only in the 18th century. In spite of this, a hundred years later, Russia had the most famous ballet school in the world. Russian composers were known for their undeniable professionalism and talent. The whole world knew the ballets written by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Kara Karayev, Sergei Prokofiev, Rodion Shchedrin.

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