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Salt (sodium chloride, NaCl; also known as rock salt or table salt) is a mineral, which is most widely used as a food product. Salt is a crystalline free-flowing odorless mineral (except iodized salt) with salty taste without aftertaste.

Salt has been known since prehistoric times for its characteristics suitable for food seasoning and preservation. There are evidences that salt was used in early religious rites.

Such rites were known in the Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans antiquity. This natural element has been of great strategic and economic importance and was a very important object of trade, sometimes over great distances. The salt roads were the major routes of communication and exchange since antiquity.

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Controlling the salt supply was one of the key reasons for the military expansion of the Roman Empire, which has assigned the monopoly. The armies of Caesar’s conquest were provided with pickles as a part of their supply. Without these meats, Romanian soldiers have nothing to eat but the looting of conquered territories. This strategy limited the resistance and secured a long-term establishment of Roman civilization. The role of salt as key military supply lasted until the invention of new techniques for food preservation in the late eighteenth century. It played a crucial role in the major maritime conquests, allowing the transport of food for voyages of exploration with rare and random stops. In China and Europe, salt also played the role of money as it is evidenced by the etymology of common words “salt” and “wages” (in Latin salarium, money given to soldiers to buy salt). Salt under the name “salt cake” was a currency of exchange in Tibet and Ethiopia.

Contrary to popular belief, salt is not a flavor, but it can change the perception of taste, which is why it is widely used in food seasoning. In addition, salt helps the preservation of food by reducing the water activity in it. In the Middle Ages, it was the primary mean of preserving meat and fish. Today, some African regions lacking refrigeration use salt to preserve meat and fish, as well as consumers of developed countries can buy food produced using salt: salted turnip, herring, cod, etc.

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