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Marine Biology Research Paper

Marine biology is a science discipline, which studies all life forms populating seas and oceans. Marine biology is a vast discipline that includes a set of various sub-fields, so the term has several definitions, depending on who uses it. Marine biologist can be considered as a specialist that determines the samples of marine animal and plant brought to the museum, a physiologist, who studies the functioning of the squid nervous system, an ecologist investigating the alteration of marine life, etc.

Often, under the term “marine biology,” are meant biological oceanography and marine ecology. However, biological oceanography studies mostly organisms that live in the open sea, i.e. more or less away from the shallow coastal waters. Marine Ecology, strictly speaking, implies study of the interaction of marine organisms with each other and with their physical environment, in what, however, is actually engaged most marine biologists.

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A similar study of freshwater habitats is called limnology. Much of marine biology researches is now based on the large laboratories, for example in Plymouth (England), Woods Hole and Scripps (U.S.), but a significant contribution to the science discipline are made by smaller stations not yet earned international fame, such as colleges and universities, located in different countries.

In the U.S., various state agencies, in cooperation with private laboratories, have created a network of automatic stations that monitor environmental conditions. These stations continuously record parameters such as temperature, salinity, currents strength, height and direction of waves, wind speed, etc. This information is transmitted by radio to the shore base, where the signals from different sources are compared, recorded on magnetic tape, and analyzed on a computer. As a result, simultaneously recorded changes in the physico-chemical state of the environment in the vast expanses of the seas and oceans. This collection of biological data gives a possibility to discover the correlations between the different series of parameters. Earlier, when such information was collected by few research vessels, rapid environmental changes often escaped the attention of scientists, and it was much more difficult to establish the connection between physical, chemical, and biological processes in the marine environment.

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