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or Devil worship is a number of occult and religious beliefs, ideologies that were formed in the 19th century as a protest against the dominance of Christianity, in which the image of Satan is treated as a symbol of power and freedom.

Use free sample research papers on Satanism to learn that Satanic cults “reject the Christian culture through the worship of Satan,” as well as “extol the evil and violence, promote communication with mystical sources of evil: demons, Satan, etc.” their very existence is due to the fact that Satan is presented by his henchmen more powerful than God and good forces, and have a greater capacity to provide desired.

Theologians point out that “some researchers point to the nearness to Satanism of a symbolism of the Scientology.

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Chronologically the first origins of Satanism are the most ancient religions, where harsh and cruel gods were worshiped. In the “new” religions, Satan (literally an enemy) often became previous a deity.

For the first time, a well set up image of Satan or the devil formed by the Jewish tradition using the Chaldean, Babylonian, Egyptian, and other deities and referred it to the Christians as a legacy. Surviving from the persecution of the adherents of the old gods were automatically classified as Satanists. In the Bible, Satan is represented as an opponent. He is mentioned 200 times and has 26 names. Most common: Beelzebub is worst diabolic prince, Belial, Lucifer-Serpent (primary) is a fallen angel, Astaroth, Baphomet, Behemoth are the names of the local pre-Jewish and pre-Christian gods.

The cult of witchcraft, witches, blasphemy and black masses attracted the attention of some French writers of the 19th century that served as material for artistic interpretation of “Satanism” and “Satanists.” One of the best known examples of such descriptions can be considered Là-Bas, translated as Down There or The Damned – a novel by Charles-Marie-Georges Huysmans (1891). Such works do not go beyond fiction, in which there is no clear definition of “Satanism” (the latter authors are all that is blasphemous and heretical), and the phenomena described there should probably refer to both Satanism and demonism and decadence.

Satanism does not have a single ritual schema, as is the aggregation of various organizations, sects, and independent enthusiasts. The basic activity of many satanic groups is sacrificing victims, defined as not murder as such, but the agony of any living being. Besides animals, the cases of human sacrifice are also known.

Sometimes instead of the victim itself its image can be used, with which magic measures are taken. This may be puppet, photo, picture, written or verbal description. Many satanic groups are widely using narcotic and psychotropic substances; in some Satanic sects and groups were observed established interaction with the drug mafia. Also in Satanic rites there often orgies with sexual perversions.

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