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Research Paper on Student Rights

Student rights are those rights that protect students, who attend universities and other educational institution. The level of rights granted to students, whether legally or by Convention, varies greatly around the world.

Today there are many organizations, national, or local, acting in local institution. They are managed by students, that is to say people who are close to the students’ challenges and claims. Such student organization may be involved in two ways: on the one hand it is a privileged interlocutor in the facility for everything about students rights, but also the organization that will challenge institutions and governments to protect these rights and just go even further, posing problems and proposing solutions. Note that large national movements such as UNEF or Kingdom (National University Union) are not only located in higher education. Activities begin in high school and even extend their commitments at European level.

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Information campaigns are conducted with students through demonstrations, meetings, and petitions. One of the main means of action of student organizations is to integrate into decision-making bodies.

The elections, which are held in institutions allow students to elect their student representatives. This is not an obligatory, but a civil act. Electing student representatives in various boards, students are given another opportunity to be heard and to the highest level of the state. Elections for the Board of Directors Crous held every two years. The students elected by Crous actively participate in the functioning of the institution. In addition to the Board, they participate in various committees (education allowances, catering, accommodation…).

Academic elections are also held every two years, depending on the date on which held the first elections. Students elect their representatives to the Board of Directors of the university (general university policy, budget…), Council of Studies and University Life (organization of studies, student life…) and Scientific Council (Research and budget, only bac +5 participate.) These elections are very important because these are the elected students who in turn will elect student representatives to serve in The National Council for Higher Education, which is a body consulted by the government before any decision concerning higher education, and secondly to the Board of Directors Cnous where eight student representatives participate in the definition of the general policy and Cnous Crous and the allocation of budgets. Each year, students living in university halls are to elect their representatives in the Council of residence. Despite this desire to promote democracy in academia, very few students move to cast their vote.

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