The Effectiveness of a Do Now in a Middle School Math Class

The effectiveness of a Do Now in a Middle School Math Class, has been found significant among students in middle school as it helps encourage hard work. Research and analysis indicate that, problems that arise in classroom environment have to be handled keenly, and especially in cases related to math assignments in class.

This study aims at analyzing various schemes that can be implemented to solve various issues in class, and how effectiveness of a Do Now in a Middle School Math Class can be attained. This has been found to be a major field of concern that seems difficult to handle as students need to be motivated and encouraged to implement this scheme. It has been noted that, when students postpone class work they tend to get lazy and may sometimes never work on the various tasks needed to be accomplished. In some cases, students have been destructed at other times, and if they had not done their class work, they may end up disregarding it. In this case, the Do Now strategy is effective in ensuing that students work on various tasks in class without major disruptions taking place. The Do Now strategy also helps students save on time.

Therefore, students should ensure that work given by their instructors in class is done immediately and repeatedly. In conclusion, the Do Now strategy in Middle School Math Class should be introduced among students to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in handling issues related to classroom activities. This helps in ensuring that students are made active and improve understand rates among students from diverse communities.

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