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The Loch Ness Monster Research Paper

The Loch Ness Monster, also called Nessie is an animal or group of animals living in Loch Ness, a lake in Scotland, near the city of Inverness. Nessie description is usually referred to a sea serpent, with a length of up to 20 meters. Its existence would explain it to be a so-called cryptid, an inaccessible for man and thus unexplored animal, similar to Bigfoot and Yeti.

To prepare a descent research paper on the Loch Ness Monster, the writers must know that most scientists and experts explain the reports of Nessie’s existence as intentional or unintentional misreporting or misidentifications of ordinary animals. Regionally, the myth has become an important source of income since the lake is now one of the main objectives for tourism in Scotland. During the silly season the monster appears regularly as a headline on the press.

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Some reports from the appearance of the monster, including historical reports, have a resemblance to the extinct plesiosaur. The present material, indicating the creature to be from the Mesozoic, paints a picture of a large animal with a long neck and a small head that is moving with fins. The alleged connection of this creature with the Loch Ness monster was a known issue in the field of cryptozoology. However, both most scientists as the most serious cryptozoologists hold the idea of the Loch Ness Monster is a remnant of the Mesozoic to be very unlikely: it would have reacquired a large colony of these animals to exist to ensure its long-term existence. Since plesiosaurs would have to breathe at the surface, it would result in more sightings, as it is indeed the case. Many biologists also believe that Loch Ness Monster is not large or productive enough to get even a small family of these animals alive. Many other reasons, such as the geological formation of Loch Ness after the last ice age, speak clearly against a large reptile in the lake.

Other sightings do not match the appearance of the plesiosaur or to another water animal: In April 1923, Alfred Cruickshank claimed he saw a three to three and a half meters long animal with arched back and four elephant-like feet that had crossed the road in front of his vehicle. Other suspected sightings tend to favor a camel – or horse-like animals.

The explanations of science for the monster sightings are very different: Error IDs of seals, jumping or dense floating fish on the water surface, water birds, logs, mirages or unusual wave patterns, the latter because of the Loch Ness symmetrical topography ideal for standing waves (so-called seiches).

Also floating deer could be responsible for some sightings of the monster with his neck stretched out of the water. It is likely that each of these explanations has contributed their part to the old mass phenomenon monster myth.

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