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The watershed management initial objective is the realization of management programs to control by quantity, quality, and time of occurrence the discharge of water captured in a drainage basin. In the United States the watershed management techniques is applied mostly in mountain, forests, and other drainage basins areas, devoted to pasture or sparsely populated areas with snowy precipitation.

Initially, these techniques were linked to the forest, pasture, snow management, the phreatophyte control, and generally to everything that allowed you to have some control over the surface runoff. The usual practice was to seek the surface runoff delay thereby control the erosion of soils. However, watershed management techniques can be applied for any purpose related to obtaining desired effects on water discharge, quality, time, or period of occurrence.

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The fact that these techniques allowed to handle high mountain drainage basins in the United States (mainly at the foot of Rocky, Appalachian Mountains) caused the development of this specialty in forestry schools and was linked almost exclusively to forest hydrology. When these techniques came to Latin America, little could be applied in local conditions. High mountain areas in the Latin American and Caribbean countries, except those located far south in Chile and Argentina, are highly populated and cultivated. This implies that the watershed management concept evolves to a more complex approach. Firstly, it is oriented to agro silvopastoral grazing management, i.e., conservation and production purposes, and resort to the use of soil conservation techniques. In other cases, there are programs focused to protect and control the extreme climatic phenomena and, more recently, to improve water quality. In some countries, such as Peru and Bolivia, it is recognized that watershed management techniques were widely applied from pre-Andean periods.

Over time, the focus of watershed management became associated with environmental management, planning, regional development, integrated environmental management and, finally, all actions aimed at improving the quality of life of the watershed inhabitants. It is important to mention here that the first thing you have to manage is not the basin itself, but interventions that human being made in it, considering the effect of these interventions cause in the dynamics of the basin.

Today the term “watershed management” has a range of meanings and it is necessary to inquire in each case on the objectives of the programs developed under this name. In the United States and in many other countries, watershed management techniques are now heavily focused on protecting water quality.

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