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School lunches are served in nursery, primary, or secondary school. The concept of school lunches is often used in reference to just the food served in schools.

Sometimes school lunches, rightly or wrongly, have a reputation for being distasteful. The causes could be the modest budget of schools per pupil or that it is sometimes cooked and then kept warm for a long time before serving. Under the Education Act of 1997, municipalities are obliged to serve food to students at the elementary school (but not in high school), but there are no specified requirements and the quality of the food can vary widely between different schools and municipalities. In order to ensure a high nutritional quality of school meals, the ministry of education took the mission to develop guidelines for school lunches.

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Great schools usually have their own school kitchen, while small schools generally do not have the resources to prepare their own food. Frozen or cooked food is then transported out to the schools, where only heating or reheating occurs. Even in the “real” school kitchens commonly use preprocessed food.

An employee of a school canteen has the official name of the school meal assistant, but is popularly known as a waiter. They usually use special clothing, including aprons and kitchen slipcovers.

School lunches are usually served and eaten in a school cafeteria.

Until the 1990s, as a rule only one lunch options was served in schools. Later it became more common with an alternative of main dish and / or yogurt. In the 2000s, many schools are always serves at least two courses, including at least one vegetarian dish.

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