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Research Paper on White Tigers

The white tiger, also known as Royal White Tiger is Panthera tigris, a mammalian carnivore of the family of Felidae with a gene mutation giving him white color of his fur. His coat is more or less white with black stripes.

Those college or university students who are about to write a good research paper on White tier have to seriously study the topic to know that this is actually a Bengal tiger with a genetic abnormality called leucistic or leucism It should not be confused with specimens albinos who have no black stripes and rather clear eyes, sometimes nicknamed the ghost tiger because of their distinctive appearance, in this case due to a disease genetics, the albinism.

His eyes are blue and his nose is pink. It is usually larger than a normal tiger. Most white tigers have black stripes on a white light brown coat; their eyes are blue.

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Considering that this is a recessive autosomal mutation named chinchilla, met in other mammals, including domestic cats and rabbits. There is no recognized case of albinism.

Many cases without any proof have been reported about completely white tigers, but these were tigers whose color was very pale, but not non-existent. To look more impressive, white tigers are often bred with Siberian tigers, the largest tiger subspecies.

A scientific name is sometimes assigned uncia Panthera tigris, but has no scientific value because the white tiger is not a subspecies of tiger.

Their chances of the white tiger survival are greatly compromised by their unusual color that prevents them from hiding in the forest and to surprise their prey. Exceptional in nature, they are a few hundred in the world, living primarily in zoos and animal reserves.

The majority of white captive tigers are descendants of Mohan, a Bengal tiger wild caught in 1950. Mohan was born in the forest of Bandhavgarh with two or three siblings. On 25 May 1951, he was discovered by a woodcutter. The next day, a beat was organized: his entire family was killed and Mohan was captured and collected by the Maharaja of Rewa.

He was subsequently mated with a tigress named Begum with normal color. They had two cubs, and their grandchildren were all red color that were met with Radha Mohan, one of his daughters, and four born grandchildren were all white. The four small Mohan, one male and three females, were respectively named Raja, Rani, Sukeshi and Mohini.

Mohan died on 19 September 1969 at the age of 19 years and 7 months. He was stuffed and exhibited in the private museum of the Maharaja of Rewa.

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