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William Wordsworth Research Paper

William Wordsworth research paper:

William Wordsworth (1770-1850) was an English poet, an outstanding representative of the “lake school,” the representative of the ideology of the lower nobility in the period of its decline, when the new capitalist reality displaced the older system of the landlord economy.

The representatives of this ideology sharply condemned urban culture and preferred ideologically the Middle Ages – “gothic romance.” In the quiet village life and simplification they sought salvation from social ills, contrasting urban life with simple “unspoiled” life of the province.

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“Simple” became their ideal, and Wordsworth took up his apology in the field of literature. He set a rule to take work material in ordinary life, register it in the usual manner, on a common language. He believed that the simplicity of the ordinary implemented everything that was natural and truthful, and did not contradict, in its simplest terms, beautiful and sustainable forms of nature. Wordsworth has lowered cerebral and pompous language of classical poetry to the level of spoken language. He believed that poetic language should not differ from prose.

The petty life and sufficiently idealized nature with embellished and ennobled peasant and petty landowner were the basic material of Wordsworth’s works. Only in one of his work («The Borderers»), which refers to the period, when Wordsworth was interested in a revolution, he made ??an attempt to draw a “troubled” people: robbers and revolutionaries.

Wordsworth did not write about towns, even provincial. Only in his sonnet “To London,” he painted London, which recalls calm and sleeping homestead. In the sonnet, there are no characteristic features of the city, despite the fact that he wrote this sonnet, standing on Westminster Bridge in the heart of London. However, he has opened, as critics say, nature to the English people, and is rightly considered the best master of landscape.

Wordsworth, as his milieu, was an opponent of urban culture and science. He learnt the world through the direct contact with nature. “A man learns nature not with his mind, but with his sensitive and perceptive heart. Nature is the greatest teacher. Science seeks a far truth as the poet sings the song today, it echoes today’s humanity in the face of today’s truth.”

Some critics put Wordsworth above Byron, but in modern Britain his works circulates only among literary educated readers, though – it is necessary to stress – in 1926, Wordsworth’s works was published in three editions, though not completely.

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