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Term Paper on Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act or informally Obama Care is one of the most serious and foundational projects in the history of the USA from 1960s. Before Barack Obama became The President of the USA, he had created a detailed plan about the complete improvement of the spheres of healthcare and health insurance, which will be affordable to the majority of Americans. The problem has always been relevant, because more than 30 million people in the USA lived without health insurance, as healthcare system was not free. There were a lot of severe discussions and quarrels between politicians and finally the Act was signed in 2010. The reform was started in 2010 and it was carried out gradually in order to cover all its important elements and principles. Nowadays, Affordable Care Act is supposed to be one of the most solid achievements of Barack Obama and his presidency.

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The main idea of the Act is the reduction of the number of people who do not have opportunity to afford their health insurance. This reform can make the whole healthcare system affordable to the majority of the US citizens and can help the government with the reduction of the cases of discrimination which still occur in the sphere of medicine. One of the most important achievements of the reform is the supply of the people who suffer from serious illnesses with their appropriate health insurance, because before 2010 the majority of such patients could not receive it. Since 2014 it has become obligatory to possess health insurance for every citizen of the USA and the organizations which do not provide their employees with health insurance are seriously fined.

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