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Term Paper about Facebook Addiction

Facebook Addiction Term Paper:

Facebook addiction is the process which is characterized with the enormous quantities of time spent in Facebook and treatment of Facebook like the integral part of one’s life.

Facebook is the world famous social network which has conquered the Internet. The network was designed to connected people from different countries of the world and enable people communicate, share information, spend virtual time entertaining one another and learning something new about the cultures of different countries. Facebook is not only the source of making friends and entertainment but the source of useful information about everything (sports, art, music, science, etc). Finally, Facebook is the means of marketing and the social network is widely used to advertise goods and services all over the world for free. In spite of numerous advantages Facebook has many negative sides and addiction is the most important among them. Young people are extremely vulnerable towards the effects of Facebook on their life. Children spend too much time in the social network making useless friends, chatting and looking for the unworthy information.

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The social networks of this kind are a powerful source of information and one should be aware about self-control and the self limitation in order not to live in Facebook all the time.

Modern young people have got used to the network and they do not image their life without it as they think that the virtual world is better than the real one. As a result Facebook addicts have problems with education, job, friends; they lose interest to hobbies, physical and intellectual activities.

Facebook addiction is the typical problem for the young people, because they spend the majority of their time in the social network forgetting about the life behind the screen of the laptop or the smartphone. It is quite easy foe a student to prepare a good term paper about this problem, because he knows about the network, its structure, functions and principles of work everything. In addition he knows the definite example of the Facebook addicts among his friends. So, one should study the reasons of the addiction and its effect of the physical and psychological health of the person. Finally, the student should solve the problem well and suggest the methods and techniques which can be useful for the defeat of Facebook addiction.

A term paper is a broad a serious work which is supposed to explain the suggested topic for the research from all sides. It is a unique chance for students to read a free example term paper on Facebook addiction analyzed by an expert in this field. The student is able to learn about the right style of writing, the selection of the methods and technical organization of the text following the instructions of a free sample term paper on Facebook addiction.

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