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Youth Health Organisation Research Paper

CanTeen is an Australian national youth program that was postulated in 1985. Primarily, the program was initiated by patients living with cancer. Since then, the CanTeen has grown to incorporate all youth patients between 12-25 years old. Besides, family members of the youth patients are also recognized as part of the CanTeen program. This concept provides a sense of self-worth and belonging among cancer patients, society, as well as their families.Moreover, the organization is currently present in New Zealand. CanTeen is governed by rules and regulations coined by young cancer patients. The laws are meant to protect the patients by ensuring each youth benefits from the program. However, the advantages should not be at the expense of the naïve population. Therefore, fundraising for the program are done through well-organized public campaigns. Similarly, donations from the public, private organisations, bon governmental organizations as well as government grants are acquired through documented processes to ensure transparency and accountability. In this regards, CanTeen operations seek to reduce wastage of resources while ensuring all collected resources are well utilized.

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Canteen holds annual national Bandanna day every last Friday of October. During the event, Bandannas designed by Industries are sold as part of a public fundraiser. Can Teen has several celebrity ambassadors who help during public and private events. These are; Shannan Ponton, MC Optimus, Kathryn Robinson, Jessica Adamson, Duncan Smith and Joey Toutounji, Kate Peck, Chris Bond, Terry Campese as well as David Mackay. A well-wishers and ambassadors program was postulated to coordinate activities in which ambassadors are involved. Money sourced from fundraising and campaigns has been used to provide healthcare, medicine, and support for youths living with cancer in the community.Moreover, Canteen has an advanced list of allies ranging from politicians, social right advocates, social media celebrities, health facilities, children homes, government institutions, private entities, as well as the general population. On common knowledge notion, CanTeen has developed a vast network to enhance theirfinancial base and ensure all operations are successful. On the other hand, CanTeen program has established and sustained a website to reach out globally and seek international support. With global advancement in technology, people can access the website from any demographic location and support children with cancer.

Tactics Used by CanTeen in Their Campaigns
With dynamic evolution in computer-based technologies, public campaigns and social settings have shifted from traditional structures to diverse modern platforms. For instance, social media has gained popularity globally due to its enormous application in marketing, campaigns, and communication, to mention but a few. CanTeen has, therefore; taken the opportunity to incorporate social media systems in their campaigns in a bid to influence more people and create public awareness. In this regards, there are various platforms used by CanTeen for publicity. These include; Snapchat, Telegram, and video-enabled platforms. The tactics used should describe the target platform, the reason for target, how such a goal will be achieved, and why the aim is essential.

Tactic One: Social Media
Social media is a computer based platform that utilizes internet to connect people from all over the world. Thus, to attract the general public and create awareness, CanTeen can incorporate Bandanna event photos and videos in their social media. The Bandanna effect will build influence on youths, thus creating a channel to recruit more supporters and donors. Moreover, CanTeen stakeholders can incorporate attractive videos and pictures, capturing various events of the year. Twitter and Facebook have also been used widely by CanTeen for the campaign. The CanTeen Australia Facebook page and CanTeen Australia (@CanTeenAus) twitter platforms also play a crucial role in attacks. Usually, CanTeen gets an opportunity to showcase past, present, and upcoming events, create awareness, influence donors, and publicize Bandanna day through social media. Currently, CanTeen Facebooks page has over 68,000 followers, while Snapchat has attracted over a million followers globally. On 2nd July, a post by Anika, pregnant blood cancer patient drew over a million reactions online further influencing more people to become part of the CanTeen network.

The Snapchat account will be maintained regularly to ensure it stays up to date and remains relevant. Besides, contents for the page can be sourced from events, sponsors, or donor. A photographer or filmmaker may be of great importance to the program. Thus the campaign should encourage more professionals to volunteer in the CanTeen program regularly. Moreover, to track engagement or social listening and public awareness, a new # tag can be used, for example, #CanTeenProgram or #CanTeenWellWishers. The account will also incorporate features enabling viewers to be more interested and to react to the content posted. This concept also allows supporters to remain loyal, ask questions and consequently be more willing to participate in such events. To ensure the more reliable platform is used, Hootsuite can be installed. Hootsuite allows interconnection between various social media platforms on the same screen, allowing the user to control over three social media accounts at once.

Statistically, about 90% of the population around the Gold Coast owns a smartphone. Of these, 60% access social media platforms every day (Australia, 2017). Also, over 88% of the users are likely to access social media platforms over four times a day and possibly comment on various posts. This can be attributed to evolution in computer technology, ease in access to electronics, and decreased the cost of the devices. Additionally, there is an increased online marketing platform aimed at reaching out to the whole world. Therefore, by using social media platforms, CanTeen is guaranteed access to millions of people globally and possible contact with over 60% of the volunteers. Social media platforms enable users to express their support, share opinions, and also donate to convincing trustworthy platforms. In this regard, CanTeen stands to benefit enormously from Snapchat, Facebook, and winter.

Alternatively, CanTeen can use Sprout Social platform. This technological approach will enable CanTeen to engage and interact with other users. Feedback can be collected and used for planning of events in the future. A volunteer can take selfies, indicating where they have been, the experience and biggest takeaways on the events organized by CanTeen. Also, a volunteer or member can take a photo and post on the page describing what they learned from the program. Also, the Snapchat account regulators will ensure that the content is anesthetic, lively, and trustworthy.

Tactic Two: University (University Cafe)
A cup of tea goes for 4 Australian dollars in the university café. However, if the cost was to be raised to 5 Australian dollars, at least one Australian dollar could be set aside as part of donations for the CanTeen program campaign. Usually, this approach necessitates public consent and willingness to participate. Nonetheless, the idea can be actualized by creating awareness of the campaign. For instance, placing posters on the university notice board or placing publicity cards on the University Café tables could be a viable solution. Customers will be enticed to look at the cards and may willingly decide to spare one dollar for the CanTeen patients. Statistically, the idea could cumulate about 800 Australian dollars a week, assuming about 100 customers participates in this campaign strategy. From general knowledge notion, over 25,000 Australiandollars can be collected from the university café (Australia, 2017). Usually, such money could go a long way in actualizing CanTeen program objectives.

University Café can participate by developing social media platforms or a website and then posting photos and comments about CanTeen in their page. Also, volunteers can take pictures with Café workforce to encourage people to buy the tea. Alternatively, CanTeen canhold an event to launch the program and invite all students and stakeholders. During the event, CanTeen officials will explain to the general public about the idea and how it is likely to impact on the children who have cancer. The reason why the University café is such a great ideais because of the enormous number of people visiting the restaurant each day. Also, the café exhibits a reliable source of financing for CanTeen cancer patient program as only one Austrian dollar is sourced from each customer. Therefore, with consistent marketing, more customers will be willing to take part.

Tactic Three: Hospital (Gold Coast)
Usually, cancer patients need diverse healthcare options. However, based on financial constraints, some may not be able to achieve this. Therefore, CanTeen can be incorporated with one or more hospitals in Australia to mitigate this challenge. The hospital will be obliged to take up cancer patients and provide necessary healthcare. Besides, the hospital will provide quality medical care to the patients at lower costs or for free. Based on the financial needs of cancer patients, the hospital can design, develop, and sustain a page on their official website about the patients. In this regard, the page can be designed to allow public donors and volunteers to take part in the process. Money from the campaign can be used by the hospital to cater to patient financial needs. However, patient information is to remain confidential and hidden from the general public unless a patient consents to publicity. Essentially, such associations are deemed to enhance public relations and create more connection between the public, patients, and caregivers.

Gold cost hospital was initially located in Southport and admitted over 600 patients annually. However, the hospital has since been replaced by Gold Coast University hospital located in Greenfield. The association between Griffin University Gold coast campus and Gold Coast hospital presents a better opportunity for CanTeen youth program to reap benefits. For instance, funds from the university café are channeled to the hospital program under cancer patient’s care. The hospital usually features in Seven Network factual television network, a national television series in Australia. Therefore, Canteen program stakeholders can establish closer alliances with the hospital to gain access to such social media network.Conversely, enhanced advertisements may present an easy way for donors to recognize and support the CanTeen program. To fully benefit from this idea, CanTeen may need to display a list of patients who may be liable for this kind of relationship. Once this is done, the two parties’ will hold a meeting whose mandate is to postulate regulations to govern the process, ensuring mutual benefit.

Regulations will protect the patients from breach of confidentiality, protect the general public from unanticipated donations, and ensure that all involved stakeholders consent to the association. The hospital is also equipped with modern cancer treatment facilities. Moreover, the presence of conventional medicine and improved technological adversaries, patients are likely to benefit hugely from the alliance. These benefits will be well expounded if regulations are in place to regulate the management, treatment, and advantages directed towards cancer patients. Also, the hospital website can be designed such that it does not violate the rights of the facility, patients, or users. In this regard, people visiting the site will create loyalty with the hospital social media platforms and consequently may be enticed to donate towards the children who have cancer. Conversely, these children will have a better chance of survival compared to their peers outside the program. If this association continues uninterrupted, the government may also step-in to offer financial and equipment aid. Also, the hospital can collaborate with other facilities, and healthcare providers to provide cancer screening services to the volunteers, the general public or families of the affected children.

Tactic Four: Working with Brands (Sneaker Boy)
Closer associations with national and global brands may enable CanTeen to reach out to more people or even acquire donors. In this regards, Sneakerboy- anAustralian brand that designs and sells shoes and clothes, can help CanTeen achieve milestones. For instance, CanTeen can cooperate with the Sneakerboy brand team to develop and sell bandanna and charity dresses. All or part of the revenue collected from sold designs can be donated to CanTeen program and be used in the perceived objectives. Also, Sneakerboy has diverse marketing platforms that CanTeen can utilize for their benefit. With pronounced associations, Sneaker boy can design and market more goods bearing CanTeen name or logo. Since it is a charity organization, people with goodwill will be enticed to buy the designs, donate to the program, or even volunteer to take part in the annual bandanna event. This concept can be achieved by presenting a reliable proposal to sneaker boy brand stakeholders explaining the ideas. Also, Canteen officials must explain how they can be of importance to the company.

People tend to create loyalty with companies that involve in community development, social activities, and green sustainable development. Thus, the association between canteen and sneaker boy will mutually benefit both parties. Based on this, Sneakerboy will be more willing to engage in the partnership and may be enticed to be a significant donor for the organization(Australia, 2017). Furthermore, sneaker boy can be engaged during events to design t-shirts which can be sold at twice the market price. 50% goes to the company while the remaining percentage is donated to CanTeen program to assist youths living with cancer.

Tactic Five: Video
University students studying media relations as well as film and television courses may be of crucial help to CanTeen campaigns. For instance, the student can be invited to CanTeen’s events whereby they can take photos, videos, and recordings. These videos and pictures can then be uploaded to social media platforms as a form of advertisements. This conceptputs inexperienced yet, knowledgeable filmmakers and photographers at Canteen’s disposal.Moreover, the videos taken are likely to be of high quality and enticing as the students will use professionalequipment is from the school. Usually, involving such youths in the program creates more awareness of the general public and provides more people with an opportunity to be part of the program. More cancer patients are, therefore, likely to join CanTeen. On the other hand, enhanced publicity creates positive public opinions, further attracting financiers.

Part Two: Public
The aim of marketing, advertisement, and publicity are to create awareness of new or existing goods, services, companies, institutions, or ideas. Therefore, advertising CanTeen program and events are aimed at enlightening the general public on the existence of the program, its objectives, mission, and vision. Besides, advertisement is aimed at enticing more people to donate, thus, enabling the program to flourish. The campaign is aimed at cancer patients within the age brackets of 12-24 years old, donors, volunteers as well as the general public. All youths with cancer are encouraged to join and benefit from the program. On the other hand; volunteers are encouraged to take part in the events organized by CanTeen. Also, the public can act as financiers by taking part in the idea stipulated to raise funds. Donors can offer financial or material support for the success of the program. Conversely, the campaign is mandated to create a sense of belonging, self-worth, and hope amongst the member families.

Public 1: University Students (Gold Coast)
Since most cancer patients are students, it is perceived that their peers will be willing to engage in the program. Essentially, the demographic distribution of cancer patients integrates many institutions in the country. Besides, the age brackets enclose the patients among other university students. Therefore, the University in the Gold Coast becomes a primary target population for the campaign. Also, the University Café is within Griffins University. Based on the ideas stipulated, the university café is part of the campaign targeted to raise thousands of Australian dollars. University educators and student leaders can support the initiative as ambassadors for the Canteen. Furthermore, student’s undertaking professional courses such as photography, filming, mass media, public relations, among others, can be of great importance to the organization. For example, public relations students can volunteer and act as advocators for the rights and healthcare of cancer patients. Students in the film industry, photography and television can enable CanTeen to publicize on the chosen social media platforms.

Public 2: Volunteer (Gold Coast)
The CanTeen organization for the youth needs dedicated esthetic and extremely motivated. Students participating seem to develop and enhance relationships with other participants while offering assistance to the children under the program. Also, volunteers have an opportunity to develop interpersonal and interpersonal communication skills as well as gain knowledge on social media development and management. For instance, IT volunteers may be allowed to manage and run social media platforms in the organization. CanTeen program relies on assistance and support from Volunteers to accomplish its objectives. In this regard, the volunteer’s program is designed to incorporate as many people as possible into society while ensuring each involved personenjoys the experience and impact the affected.Nonetheless, volunteers with professional skills can work with members and other volunteers to ensure unrelenting support from the public. For instance, anyone in the audience from government, private firms, non-governmental organizations, and individuals can volunteer to support or be part of CanTeen program. Thus, the volunteer program is itself a rewarding experience for the participants.

Australia, C. (2017). Australian youth cancer framework for adolescents and young adults with cancer.

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