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Term Paper on Family Violence

Family violence is the physical and psychological abuse of the members of the family.

Family violence is one of the most widespread forms of violence because everything starts with family. Family violence is the result of numerous negative factors, which influence the human behavior negatively. First of all, family violence is caused by the effect of alcohol and drugs.

When the family member is drunk, he starts to act inadequately and causes harm to other members: wife, children, and other relatives. It is evident that anyone must not tolerate such behavior, but very often the police do not pay attention to the calls connected with the family violence thinking that it is not violence but a simple quarrel. Besides, family violence is the result of the stereotypic attitude towards women and children. Many people still believe that the male gender is the primary one and the husband of the family is its leader and decision maker.

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As a result, women become abused, as they are treated in the wrong way as weak members who do not have the right to oppose the will of the husband. This traditional stereotype still exists in the eastern countries, where the women rights are in poor condition. The most vulnerable side of the family violence is the child. If the grownups quarrel all the time, shout at one another and even practice physical abuse, the child’s psychics can be severely wounded, as he sees violence all the time and does not know that the situation can be different.

Family violence is the fundamental problem to be solved in the right way. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to control all the cases of family violence, because the family is a small and closed group of people and it is often troublesome to understand about the life of its members. The student who is writing about the problem of family violence should prepare an exciting and detailed term paper which would explain the cause of the family violence, its types, and effects. One should think about the most obvious methods of the solution to the problem to make the term paper useful, informative and relevant.

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