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Cornell University Personal Statement

My favorite quotation is “Make your duty as your hobby so you will be the happiest creature in this world, success always waiting for you and you are the greatest hero in your heart.” This quote reflects my personal goals and ideas, tells me what I want to be in this world and shows the path to which I want to go.

At present, I must study to prepare my mind for the future career in my father’s family business.

This is a duty that I perform with joy as I see the future outcomes of my current academic pursuits vividly in my imagination. This commitment fills me with enthusiasm and zest for new knowledge that I hope to translate one day into career success.

Since early childhood, I have dreamt of becoming a student and pursuing higher education. Even though I realized that achieving this goal will require intensive studies, I was not going to retreat before difficulties. Hard work and insistence kept me going until I obtained the first place in my school that confirmed my view that hard work will always be rewarded, in one way or another. Since then, studying has never seemed exhausting because the serious workload was offset with my eagerness to excel and strain my mind for the best results. In consequence, I maintained the first place in rankings starting from my elementary school in Indonesia to the high school in Singapore. At Diablo Valley College, I continued a success streak with a GPA of 4.0.

An important reason why I can perceive studies with such enthusiasm is the determination to succeed in the pharmacist’s profession. From early on, I saw my ambition clearly – I intend to become a pharmacist, working in my father’s business, bringing it to success, and possibly contribute to the pharmaceutical field creating medications of a new generation.

Pharmacy is the profession I have had in my dreams since childhood. Raised in the family that ran a pharmacy business, I listened to the talk about medication and diseases since a very young age. Every time I heard about an incurable illness, my heart jumped, and I thought that when I grew up, I might be the one who will find a cure and relieve the sufferings of a great many people. Since my parents work in the field of traditional medicine, I have learned a lot about classical herbal remedies that can sometimes work wonders. With the help of a pharmacological education, I will approach my dream – the invention of a substance that will unite the qualities of a folk and modern remedy, achieving the maximum benefit with the minimum side effect.

Achieving this dream will undoubtedly be difficult, but I feel that I have the qualities to make this. happen. I have always viewed my drawbacks such as boredom, laziness, fear of failure as foes inside me whom I have to overcome to reach my destination. Winning in this war with my inner self every time I have to push myself to achieve something is the most pleasant victory that leaves me with a feeling of pride and satisfaction. Defeating my enemies helps me foster responsibility and enthusiasm necessary for the accomplishment of any great deed and makes me feel like a soldier who has just won the most critical and dangerous war. It is why I can treat duties like hobbies, to enjoy things that are assigned to me as a task, and to find joy in moving one step closer to the realization of my dreams. Bringing oneself to work with passion helps me to be a great achiever, sometimes to the point of perfectionism, which is also reflected in my academic progress. Quite simply, I believe in doing my best, and I believe in doing things with pleasure so that what I planned for myself can happen one day.

Transfer to Cornell University is yet another step toward realizing my ambitions. Attending a world-class university with a strong reputation will undoubtedly help me to set my foot in the door of the pharmaceutical industry, and knowledge obtained in high-quality academic progress at Cornell will become a useful tool in mastering the profession. With my achieving spirit and love of work, I will effectively use this chance to spearhead my career with an education from a top-ranked university.

Years from now, with an education long past me, I am sure that I will still be doing my job with a feeling of happiness and joy, just as someone engaged in a hobby. This inner sense of interest and motivation will help me to maximize my contribution to the profession and the world and realize my potential to the fullest extent.

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