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Grant Proposal Sample


This grant proposal aims at securing funding for supplying the artroom in Edith Teter Elementary School Park County RE-2 School District with relevant technology.

2) Introduction
—-A) Age of organization
The school has been founded in the mid-20th century.
—-B) Rational of organization or personal philosophy
The philosophy of the school is to utilize all possible human and financial resources to provide high-quality education that can empower our students in the 21st century.
—-C) Unique aspects of organization
The unique aspect of the organization is associated with the innovative nature of our school actively involved in different pilot project and extracurricular activities.
—-D) Significant accomplishments
The school has won the John Irwin School of Excellence Award. Individual teachers have been also awarded by various agencies.
—-E) Goals
The goals of the school include maintaining academic excellence, providing adequate academic settings, and developing a community that fosters personal development of students.
—-F) Previous projects or grant awards
Sources of School District Revenue in 2003 consisted of $289,646 from Federal Grants, $239,106 from State Grants, and $84,607 from Private/Partnership Grants.

3)Problem Statement
—-A) Define Document
Total 2003 District Revenue Per Pupil comprised only $9,888, and Total Outstanding Bonded Debt of the school is $6,170,000. Therefore, the school’s financial resources can’t suffice adequate infrastructural developments.

4) Program/Proposal Objectives
—-A)Present the logical solution-program objectives
In the framework of this project, the artroom will be supplied with a DVD player and 4 computers with Internet access. This will allow pupils watch classic movies, access virtual galleries on Internet, and use computer programs to create artworks.

—-A)How you will make the program or project work
The project will be realized in the following stages:
– supplying the artroom with necessary technology
– safety configurations (e.g. blocking sites with illegal and harmful content)
– training for teachers on the effective use of technology
– training for pupils to get them acquainted with relevant computer software
6)Future Funding/other source of funding
—A)Support Incentives
The school has much experience in developing community partnerships to support projects. Raising funds from local and state NGOs will be also done.

—-A) wages and salaries in format of
——–1) # of persons: 2
——–2) Titles: IT-specialist, computer science trainer
——–3) Salary Hr: $10
——–4) % of Time on Project: 100%
——–5) Duration of Work Period: May 2006
——–6) Total Requested/Donated: $1600
—-B)Fringe Benefits
Paid vacations
——–1)space: The school will provide the room to place the technological tools
——–2)equipment: Internet cable is available
——–3)consumable supplies: Stationary will be provided
——–4)travel: School bus can be used during weekends
——–5)telephones: Available
The school can publish the information about the project in the school newsletter and negotiate printing the information in the newsletter of partner schools.

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