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Free example research proposal on Cystic Fibrosis:

Through out the years many diseases have been spred. One of these diseases is called Cystic Fibrosis (CF), this is a condition that affects the respiratory and the digestive system. This occurs when a person has a defective gene that makes the body produce abnormal thick mucus. In the earlier years children who had CF lived to about the age of 3.

A doctor who was performing an autopsy on a child who died from CF noticed that there were a few changes in the organs. one of The main changes she noticed was the destruction of the pancreas. She also noticed infection and damaging of the lungs. By the year 1946 researchers noticed a pattern, they found out that this disease is genetic. They also realized that this is caused because of a mutation in the gene. Today in the United States a total of 30,000 people have a copy of the defective gene.

About 30,000 children in the United States only have Cystic Fibrosis. Out of 31 Americans only 1 person will carry the defective gene. Just because this person has the gene does not necessarily mean that they have the disease it self. This disease affects mostly 5% of white Americans. One in about 2,500 Europeans has the disease.

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This disease is genetic, They must have two genes that are not normal to have the disease, One from your mother and one from your father. A person who has on gene with the copy of CFand one normal gene is called a carrier.since he gene that is normal dominates so that person does not have CF. If a child’s father has a normal gene and mother an abnormal gene, and they have a child that child has a chance of not having the disease, if he inherits a normal and abnormal copy of the gene he will not have the disease. If the child has both abnormal genes from both parents the child will have CF. A child who carries a normal copy of the gene from one parent and an abnormal copy from the mother will be known as a CF carrier. The CF carrier will not have the disease. Its been said by many doctors and scientist that when both parents carry the one abnormal gene there is a 25% chance that Around the1950s children who had Cystic Fibrosis did not live very long.

Today people with this disease tend to live longer because of medical improvements. The mucus that is produced by this gene clogs the lungs, which could lead to sinus infection and trouble breathing. This mucus can block the tubes of the pancreas that will stop the digestive enzymes from reaching the intestines. So the people with CF will not receive enough nutrients from the food that they eat. People with CF can not maintain a healthy diet they gain and loose wait. This disease also affects the reproductive system in both women and men. In women the secretions can block the sperm entry and prevent the women from getting pregnant. Most men with CF can not produce or produce very little sperm. Secretions in men can also block the tubes that carry the sperm..About 30,000 children in the United States only have Cystic Fibrosis. Out of 31 Americans only 1 person lives with one defective gene. Just because this person has the gene does not necessarily mean that they have the disease. This disease is not contagious in order to get it you must inherit a defective gene from both parents. Usually salt and water easily moves through the cells. CF interrupts the way salt and water moves in and out of mucus producing cells.

For this type of disease there are many kinds of symptoms for example: the first symptom in CF is a simple cough which leads to a lung infection. Meconium lleus. This is when a baby is born with a blockage of the bowel. Usually a black substance comes out after birth in the first few days. Sometimes this does not happen and surgery is needed or the baby will not survive. Bright bowel this is when doctors can see Meconium lleus developing in the uterus. When this happens the baby will be born with CF. Big greasy smelly stools that float in water, farting that results because of lack of pancreatic enzymes to digest food regularly. A person with CF might not gain weight or grow. Infection of the lungs and nose (sinus) will keep coming back. Along with the previous symptoms there are many more not mentioned.

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