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Do people control money or does money control people? Sometimes, it can be hard to tell especially when money is the cause of many conflicts in society. Furthermore, money is not only a danger to society but it affects all people individually. Moreover, money places a value on the spiritual aspects of life. Therefore, it is a law of nature that money is the root to all that is evil.

Legal tender has been a common-cause of human conflict for over centuries of time. People have had their share of disputes and misunderstandings over various amount of money ranging from a few lousy bucks to millions of dollars. Ever since currency was introduced, theft has increased significantly and not only theft of money but of anything that has dollar value. Disagreements, clashes, antagonism, betrayal, and feuds are all events that have resulted because of people’s desire for money. And when one person’s desire for money overlaps with another’s the end result can mean trouble. Such incidents due to money occur on a daily basis and they happen everywhere. Arguments break out and can become disastrous such as World War II where Germany’s financial situation was a contributing factor and even large corporations such as Enron get shut down because they are found committing fraud. In conclusion, it is clear that money contains an evil, which possess people to turn on one another and to act fallaciously.

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However, money is not only a trigger for violence and negativity in society but it goes deeper where it affects the individual. For instance, one of the things that motivate people to act immorally is greed, which is a strong desire or lust for money. Often times in human nature people get greedy or “money-hungry” and as a result they tend to act villainously. The greedier one gets usually means the further the extremes that they are willing to go to get what they want. Money is frequently associated with power and respect, which is something else that is very desirable to many people. However, riches and power are rarely associated with moral behavior and courteousness as power often corrupts. There is even a famous biblical scripture to support this theory and it states the following: “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God” (Matthew 19:24). Everybody needs money to survive but it is the means of attaining this money, which causes great controversy. Many people work hard to make their living, some simply steal to gain their money, and others kill. This illustrates that people come up with various extreme means simply to acquire sums of money

Money not only causes opposition in society and makes people behave inappropriately but also it destroys the value of certain things. For example, if it was not for money people would care more about religion, faith, and relationships instead of destroying those things for material possession. After all, materialism is considered sinful according to the good book. And if it was not for the idea of money then materialism would not even exist. The power of the dollar replaces any spiritual value that any item may have. For instance, a sculptor creates a beautiful and fully detailed statue of the Virgin Mary. No matter how much money anyone is willing to buy it for, it would not make up for the effort it took to make or the pride felt after completing it. The statue would have a value of its own that is irreplaceable to its creator. Nowadays, money is used to buy things that cannot and should not be bought. Television production companies make great amounts of money making shows, which expose peoples lives to the public. Recently, the media has come up with the theme of reality shows, which toy with people’s love-lives, their fear, their capability to survive in the wild and other things of this nature. This just shows how money has many corruptive ways of taking away the true value of things.

Finally, it can be determined that paper money has evil powers that can alter our minds in negative ways. Also, it has been demonstrated that money is the central basis of many of society’s problems. In addition, it is obvious that money is a motivator that calls for people to act in troublesome ways. And lastly, it is clear that cash money takes away the value of things that are both concrete and abstract. If the world were the Garden of Eden, then money would surely be the forbidden fruit.

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