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Research Paper on Laptops

Laptop is a portable personal computer with the size of an A4 paper folder or smaller, and the weight within a few pounds. Most laptops battery life varies from one to four hours.

Laptops functionality is similar to that of desktop computers, although at equal prices laptop will have significantly lower performance. Laptop case is usually made of high-strength plastic and inside is covered with a thin layer of metal foil aimed to protect laptop electronics from external electromagnetic emission. Laptops components differ insignificantly from the components of conventional desktop computers, but are smaller and have better power consumption efficiency.

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Laptops are equipped with LCD (liquid crystal display) and use SO-DIMM (Small Outline DIMM) memory modules instead of big DIMM modules usually used in desktop computers. Besides a built-in keyboard, these portable computers may have a touchscreen or other pointing devices, such as mouse or trackball, connected to USB, COM, LPT, or other interfaces. Such type of devices usually have a standard set of networking interfaces including wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules.

Most modern laptops have a standard DVD-RW drive, but high-end multimedia laptops often offer you a new Blu-ray drive capable of reading and writing high definition video content.

The main laptops features, due to its portability, are, of course, compact and effective cooling system, which takes air from outside the laptop and blows it through the radiator with a copper heat sink coupled to the main processor, videochip, and sometimes to the motherboard chipset, as well as a number of saving energy technology that reduce power consumption and heat dissipation.

Alan Kay can be considered as the author of idea creating ??a portable computing machine, which he described in 1968as a device with “the size of a notebook that has a flat-panel monitor and is able to connect to the network without wires.”

September 1975 was the month when the first laptop IBM 5100 became commercially available.

It is very difficult to overestimate the importance, which laptop computers have in our lives. Some of us will not certainly be able to imagine their lives without these very useful computing devices. As well as students who are about to write their research proposals on laptops will most certainly use laptop for their work. Whatever device you used in your researches, it is as always important to examine thoroughly the history of laptops origins and evolving, to study the main features of these portable devices, and explain the impact they had on our lives.

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