5-Paragraph Essay Example

Dear English Student,

Someone once said that the more foreign languages a person speaks the more developed, bright and mature this person is. Though those eager to learn foreign languages should not forget how hard of a task it is. The fact that you decided to learn English shows that you are willing to develop and broaden your horizon. This also shows that you are aware of what you want to achieve in life. However, I would still like to provide you with some tips for English learning that I myself find useful.

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To begin with, dear English Student, you have to remember that studying a language is a process. Of course, you would be willing to see the results of your learning as soon as possible, though they would not come fast. Without a shadow of doubt, the more you practice your English and the more careful you are about completing your homework and following your teacher’s instructions the faster you will see the wanted results. Though, please do not expect to be fluent in this language after several classes. Learning every language, especially such complicated one as English, takes months if not years.

Another thing that you have to remember about English is that it is a language that is alive and fast-developing, thus you should keep yourself updated about the latest changes in the English grammar, syntaxes, and lexicology. You should also be aware that English, being one of the most widely-spoken languages on the planet, differs from country to country. Surely, you will find it amusing to discover differences in English pronunciation, grammar, and sentence structure in different countries.

Finally, please remember that you will not gain profound and fluent English skills only from studying carefully the grammar books. In order to know the language you will have to get out there and speak it with people. Yes, this may be hard at first and even sometimes embarrassing. Yes, at times you might not be able to express everything you would like to in this complicated and many-sided language. Just please remember that you should not be embarrassed or hesitant, the undertaking you have made by deciding to study English is remarkable and would be admired by others and not ridiculed.

In conclusion, dear English Student, I would like to wish you much of luck and success on the thorny way of English learning. Soon you will experience that fluent knowledge of this language could open many doors to your future that had been closed before. Stay persistent and hard-working and very soon, you would be able to enjoy in original the works of William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and Edgar Alan Poe. It comes without saying that nothing can be compared to reading these classics in their native language.
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