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Indian movie actor, screenwriter, producer, and director, Aamir Khan was born March 14, 1965 in Mumbai, Mandra, India.

At a very young age, Aamir played his first role in a movie. In the seventies, he starred with his uncle in the movie, where he was the youngest actor on the set. Along with passion to cinema, Aamir came to love the sport; he seriously started playing tennis and even had some success in this sport.

In the memories of his young years, Aamir Khan often said that once, quite unexpectedly for himself, he fell in love with a simple next-door girl and proposed to her and she agreed to become his wife.

In 1988, he played the role of Aamir in the excellent movie The Sentence, which brought the actor unprecedented success and fame. Today Aamir is the best actor in Indian cinema; he has in his cast luggage the greatest number of his roles in the movies of various genres.

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Aamir is very hardworking and demanding of himself in his acting career, he always strongly demands completion script if he sees that the script is not perfect, and professionally working on one film, not darting from one movie set to another. Large thoroughness and requirements for the actors on the set, do not suit to everybody, many cinema workers say that working with Khan is a big test. Surely surviving in the film industry for more than ten years, Aamir has earned the respect of colleagues and the love of the audience. Many films that where he stared or produced were often unpredictable and have original plot.

In 1973, the screens saw his movie Find a friend, where Aamir played the role of young Ratana. In 1988, viewers saw the actor in the movie The Verdict, in which he miraculously cope with the role of Raja. The year 1990 was fruitful and successful for Khan. This year, the actor starred in five feature films, which earned him an extraordinary success.

In 1992, Aamir Khan was cast to star in the movie This is life, playing the role of Chotu. In 1996, the actor was seen in the movie Raja Hindustani, in which Aamir starred Raja. In 2007, Khan played the role of great Ram Shankar Nikumbh in the movie The asterisk on the ground. Other popular films with the actor are Saffron, You’re mine, and Three Idiots.

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