Research Proposal on Dengue

Dengue fever is the transmission viral disease, which is characterized with fever, intoxication, myalgia, arthralgia, rash and growth of the lymph nodes. Dengue fever is generally met in the countries of South and South-East Asia, Africa, Oceania and Caribbean Basin. The most frequent targets of the disease are children and tourists who have not got used to the climate and infections of these regions. The sources of the infection are the infected people, apes and bats, which live in the regions in the big numbers. The infection is transmitted by mosquitoes which bite the infected human or animal and then bite the healthy individual. When the person has got infected with the classic Dengue fever, she starts to have chill, pain in bones, joints and muscles, the increased body temperature (to 39-40 C), anorexia (denies to consume food), reduction of physical activity, fatigue, vomit, insomnia, reddening of eyes, reddening of throat, rash, etc.

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In order to detect the disease one has to consult the doctor and take the analysis of blood.

Like all the tropical and other ‘exotic’ diseases Dengue fever can be easily confused with other diseases, because there are many similar symptoms and one should be careful to make the right diagnosis. In order to cure the disease the patient has to consume vitamins, analgesics, and lots of water, more than 200 ml every 2 hours. There are suppositions that if one survives Dengue fever, his immune system will be able to resist the disease for 2 years. Unfortunately, the fever is like flu: there are many types of it and the possibility to fall ill with the same type again is extremely low.

If the student has decided to research the topic on Dengue deeper, he should learn about the disease more and get to know about the ways of preventing of the fever and probably create certain instructions for tourists to vaccinate themselves before visiting an exotic country. In order to convince the professor in the quality of the topic the student should prepare a good proposal which would explain the danger of Dengue and present the methodology of the investigation of the problem and its probable solution. One can create a logical proposal which would demonstrate the detailed plan of the research of Dengue and share the ideas concerning the prevention the disease and its effective treatment.

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