Essay on Abortion and Religion

I think that each religion has its specific attitude to the issue of abortion.

The Judaism believes that the fetus or embryo has the status of “person” before birth.

This secondary status is because of the Torah which indication to pay a monetary compensation for an abortion, a non comparable situation to taking a human life. Several current streams of Judaism only accept abortion in the case of threatening woman’s life while others allow it in broader situations for women with third-party support to make this decision.

The Islam allows abortion in cases where it is all about the woman’s life. It depends on situation and may or may not be acceptable for use in one or other case. Most of Islam considers abortion permissible only when the woman’s life is at risk or in cases of rape, as up to 120 days of gestation the fetus or embryo has a status similar to animals or plants, this moment is considered the limit for the practice of the pregnancy interruption by other Islamic minorities.

Although there is no consensus in Buddhism on abortion, most of his followers consider it a breach of the precept of not taking life. Traditional Buddhist sources, such as the Buddhist monastic code, indicate that the deliberate destruction of life is a serious breach of precepts. The current Dalai Lama considers the abortion erroneous, but believes that there may be exceptions to the warrant. Even when abortion is done to save the woman’s life, it almost always is seen as causing suffering and negative karma.

Although Hinduism is clear to classify abortion as a heinous act, India allows partial practice of abortion since 1971. However, this fact has raised a stir among religious authorities, since the use of abortion as a means of selecting the sex of the child led the government to take measures against this practice in 1994 in particular.

Many Native American cultures have an extremely focused vision on women and reproductive issues. There abortion is an option to ensure responsible motherhood.

In the case of Taoism and Confucianism, sex and sexual pleasure should be celebrated with attention to moderation. This restraint also applies to reproduction and abortion tends to be seen as an acceptable solution for use. However, Taoist schools that had greater influence of Buddhism have texts constructed with provisions for the preservation and protection of life, opposing abortion.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints says it is contrary to the practice of abortion. However, it accepts abortion in limited cases, for example, if the pregnancy was caused by rape or incest, when there is a threat to mother’s life and when it is shown that the fetus suffers from severe defects that will not allow it to live after birth. Still, in these cases, it is recommended that the mother should think and explore options, along with her family and church leaders, to receive God’s guidance before making a decision. The Church offers adoption, especially for couples who have difficulty having children, and so require one.

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