Ethical Dilemma Essay on Abortion

The problem of abortion has been discussed for a long time and still there is no common opinion whether abortion is right or wrong. As long as the abortion is considered as killing of a living being it will be a hot topic of the dispute. Acuteness of this problem raises no doubts because in our days a lot of women get in situations when they have to make a difficult choice – to give a birth to a small creature, rising inside of them or to make an abortion.

There are many different points of view on this topic. Some people think abortion is a murder and sin, and some people consider an embryo as not yet a human being, so women could decide on their own whether they are able to have a baby or not.

People who think that abortion is wrong apply to such arguments as sanctity of human life and immorality of taking this sacred gift from an unborn child. They also involve religious aspect into this question stating that abortion is a murder and deadly sin.

On the other hand, those who believe that abortion could be acceptable rely on such factors as danger for mother’s health if she decides to have a birth or inability to raise a child. Besides, there are such incidents when abortion seems to be the only way to get out of the difficult and painful situation that some women just can’t handle with. Like in case when a woman was raped and got pregnant or she has an HIV or some other incurable disease that could be transferred to her baby. And of course, very important role in this question plays a high rate of teen pregnancy. It’s obvious that most of the young girls that get pregnant are not able to raise a child.

Analyzing the arguments cited in this paper, I’ve come to conclusion that enemies of abortion appeal only to the moral side of the question, leaving behind health problems and future of a child if he’s born in unprepared family or with an incurable disease transferred from his parents. I personally believe that abortion could be the way to avoid undesirable situations. I think women should make their own choice of what to do with their lives, not being judged and blamed in immorality. I’m sure that this is not the easiest decision and I think that to not press these women with our assessments is the right thing to do.