Essay on Value of Games and Sports

Games and sports is an important means of education, one of the most popular and useful students activity. They are based on physical exercise, movement, during which students have to overcome a number of obstacles, seek to achieve specific, pre-determined purposes. Games and sports are the best means of recreation after a strenuous mental work.

Physical gaming activity develops and strengthens the major muscle groups and thus contributes to better health. The movements mobile games content are very simple, natural, understandable, and accessible for interpretation and implementation. They allow you to practice walking, running, jumping, throwing, and master the skill of basic movements unbeknownst to ourselves. Improving overall coordination of movements, you develop the ability to consciously control the body in accordance with the objective and rules of the game. The acquired motor skills and good physical shape creates the necessary conditions for sports activities.

The value of games and sports is that acquired skills can be easily repeated and refined in rapidly changing conditions.

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Games and sports enrich students’ imagination and activate the ability of observation, thinking, and attention, develop memory and ingenuity. Games activity is always associated with certain tasks, performing certain duties, overcoming all sorts of difficulties and obstacles. Overcoming obstacles strengthens willpower, brings up patience, determination, and perseverance in achieving goals, belief in the forces.

Educational value of games and sports, its full impact on the development of students is invaluable. Game is inherent to children’s behavior and under skillful guidance of adults can do miracles. Like a magic wand, the game could change the attitude of students to what they see sometimes as too ordinary, boring, and dull.

Games and sports will help the teacher to bring introvert and shy students to active work in class. Games and sports develop a conscious discipline, students become accustomed to the rules, justice, and ability to control their actions, correctly and objectively evaluate the actions of others. Game for students is an important means of expression, testing their abilities.

The teacher can get to know their students, and their character, habits, leadership, creative options that allow him to find the most appropriate ways to influence each of the students and another important thing, games and sports make teachers and students closer, help them to establish a contact.

Games and sports is the best medicine for students suffering from the systematic physical inactivity. These recreational activities have existed since ancient time and were passed from generation to generation. Time changed them, filled them with new content reflecting the modern life. Games are enriched, perfected, a lot of complex options, but their mobility framework remains unchanged. The crucial advantage of games and sports is that together they essentially represent all kinds of peculiar person natural movements: walking, running, jumping, fighting, climbing, throwing, and catching and therefore, are the most universal and indispensable tool for physical education of students.

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