Essay about Iraq

Formerly the territory of Iraq is the cradle of the civilization, but presently it becomes the field of battle, on which there is a fight for control under this territory between a few forces.

Encroachment of foreign troops with the United States at the head in 2003 was the impulse to this violent fight. As a result the government of Saddam Hussein was overthrown. Now in the country there is new government which functions at support of thousands of soldiers. It faced with the sequence of crises. Among urgent tasks there is renewal of civil society and system of country safety.

Attacks of militants on the peaceful habitants and Iraqi forces of safety do not stop. Tense relations between Muslim -Sunni and Muslim –Shi’a became the result of sanguinary collisions.

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But war with Iran, in the Persian Gulf in 1991 after occupation of Kuwait, and subsequent introduction of international sanctions, made a destructive effect on the economy of country and its population. In 1991 UNO declared that Iraq had become into the state of pre-industrial period. Last years, after the overthrow of Saddam, damage, inflicted upon country as a result of attacking of insurgents on Iraqi oil buildings, made the milliards of the lost income.

The development and changes in Iraqi society during last decades were reflected in the Journal article by Shereen T. Ismael “Dismantling the Iraqi Social Fabric: from Dictatorship through Sanctions to Occupation”.

The subject of Iraqi women is widely opened in articles By Arwa Damon and Peter Beaumont.

Iraqi women and girls live with the fear of being killed or raped. At present time the lack of security induces the Iraqi women to avoid public life and appreciably embarrasses the development of their rights. Since the beginning of the military campaign in 2003 armed bands had persecuted and killed several women-politicians, and active defenders of women’s rights.

Three wars and more than ten years of economic sanctions have brought very difficult consequences for Iraqi women. During the regime of Saddam they were underwent discrimination on the gender basis, including rape and other kings of sexual violence. Besides they were underwent as political figures, relatives of politicians and members of separate ethnic and religious groups.

Prostitution was illegal, but there were pleasure marriages are when a man hires a woman to be his wife in exchange for money. Nowadays a lot of families live poorly, and women have to be prostitutes to feed their children.

Iraqi children paid the highest price for this war. It becomes evident from the Shereen T. Ismael “The Cost of War: The Children of Iraq”. During 2007 hundreds of Iraqi children died. Experts of the Children Fund of UNO calculated that every month among forced migrants and refugees there were in general about 25 thousands of children. At the end of the year in camps and temporary refuges about 75 thousands of children lived. In this situation children don’t have access to education and treatment. UNICEF worried that during last years situation with education in Iraq become worse. According to their data only 28% of teenagers passed their exams at schools. Situation in the field of children health protection is aggravated because of only 20% of people who live outside Baghdad live in the places with the functioning sewer system.

Journal article by Gary A. Stradiotto insists that the first Gulf War in 1991 Iraq had one of the best educational performances in the region. “Education was free; enrollment and literacy rates were high”.

Journal article by Shereen T. Ismael “Dismantling the Iraqi Social Fabric: From Dictatorship through Sanctions to Occupation” represents the analysis of social life in Iraq.

The old men have the opportunity to get the cash benefit: pension.

Families have become unstable as a result of intensive migration of the population. Death in the family can be the reason of break-up of family household, and if the death was a result of religious conflict, the possibility that family will come into other place, increases.

In the article by Frederick W. Kagan “Iraq is not Vietnam” the author analyzed the policy of the USA in these countries and the positions of soldiers in these conflicts.

Soldier of the USA in battle conditions must carry on himself about 50 kg. This is standard accoutrements – rifle, helmet, body armour, meal, water, devices for nightly vision and a lot of electronics with batteries.

The US army is the best trained army in the world. But what circumstances force them to live their families and go to Iraq? The reasons may be: good payment, benefits, and maybe respect.

Analyzing these articles and journals I was horrified about the changes in the Iraqi people’s life. All these sources describe the reader earth-shattering results of this war.

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