Persuasive Essay on Affirmative Action

Persuasive essay about Affirmative Action:

Affirmative action is the process which is characterized with the supply with the rights and privileges for the certain groups of people for the creation of the statistical equality in the workplace. The most obvious targets of affirmative action are the people of different age, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, colour of skin, religious views, etc.

Affirmative action is applied when the society or the company requires the differentiation of its employees for statistics. Affirmative action is known to be the democratic tool for the benefit of the minorities in the society.

Governments of many countries have decided to carry out this policy for the solution of various problems related with the support of the human rights and defeat of the financial problems among the groups of people who have difficulties in socialization and finding their place in this life.

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The attitude of the general public towards the practice of affirmative action is different, because on the one hand the “minorities” have the chance to find the appropriate well-paid job and receive the protection of their rights. The negative attitude is associated with the inequality of the chances to receive the well-paid job for the talented people. It can happen, that a well-educated talented person can not find a job, because the company has to employ the person who belongs to “minority” no matter what education and professional skills he or she possesses. It is positive to maintain the human rights and provide everyone with the equal opportunities of self development, but when the “minority” individuals do not have the knowledge and skills required for the quality work, this policy poses its sense.

Affirmative action is the policy which is aimed to introduce the diversity into the working staff of a company with the purpose of the supply of the “minorities” with the equal rights and opportunities for the successful life. When the student is asked to complete an effective persuasive essay or research paper about affirmative action, he is expected to convince the reader in his point of view. The student should choose the pros or cons side about the issue of affirmative action and provide the reader with the quality arguments which would make him believe in the pluses or minuses of this policy.

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