Essay on We are Destroying our Planet

Are we really destroying our planet? To answer the question let us learn some facts.

If the population will continue to grow at the current pace, our grandchildren will live during an unprecedented ecological crisis.

On Earth, there are millions of species, but one dominates. This is us. Our mind, our ingenuity, our activities have changed almost every part of the planet. Moreover, we are so greatly influenced our world, what this is our mind, our ingenuity, and our activities that led us now to almost all global challenges that we face. And now, as the Earth’s population is approaching 10 billion, all these problems are exacerbated. In my opinion, a situation, in which we are, is justly to be called an emergency. An unprecedented emergency the planetary scale.

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We emerged as a species about 200,000 years ago. By the standards of geological epochs, it is incredibly short period. Only 10 thousand years ago, we were a million. By 1800 – just 200 years ago – a billion. By 1960 – 50 years ago – three billion. Now we are seven billion. By 2050, our children or our children’s children will live on the same planet with nine billion other people. By the end of the century, we will have no less than 10 billion. Maybe even more.

We have come to this state of affairs due to a series of “events” that have shaped our civilization and our society. This primarily agricultural revolution, the scientific revolution, the industrial revolution and – in the West – a revolution in public health. By 1980, there were four billion of us. In just 10 years – in 1990 – already five billion. It then began to show the first effects of this rapid growth. In particular, it has affected water resources.

Our need for water – not only for drinking but also for the production of food and consumer goods – continued to increase.

In 1984, journalists talked a lot about famine of biblical proportions raging in Ethiopia caused by the severe drought. Unusual droughts and floods became usual around the world: Australia, Asia, USA, Europe. Water is a vital resource, which we believed there is in abundance on Earth – has suddenly become something that could potentially be in short supply.

By 2000, we had six billion. The world scientific community became clear that the accumulation of CO2, methane, and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere as a result of the development of agriculture and land use, as well as production, processing and transportation of what we consume, changed the climate. The consequence “helped” us to become aware of related problems. 1998 was the warmest year on record. Moreover, all the ten warmest years in history were all after 1998.

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