Baby Boomers Essay

Following the end of the Second World War, there was a massive increase in the number of births all over the world. Those born after 1945 were referred to as Baby boomers in the United States; they were born between the years 1946 and 1964. These individuals make a substantial part of the population in developed countries and have attracted a significant number of studies in recent years. So what factors led to the thrift of the baby boomer generation?

In June 22, 1944, congress passed the GI bill of rights in preparation for the aftermath of the Second World War. The main aim of the bill was to ensure smooth integration of young veterans into the American economy. Notable benefits from the GI bill of rights included grants for school tuition, loan access to put up businesses, minimal mortgage rates for veterans, in job training privileges in hiring and payments to those who do not get employment opportunities. Later amendments included insurance cover for those with disability (“G.I. Bill (of Rights) | Definition & Facts”). Prior to the war, baby boomers endured poverty following the Great Depression. Therefore, the GI Bill of rights was a sigh of relief for millions of individuals who were returning home from the war considering that before the war most could not secure a home or a decent job.

In 1947, for example, many of the war veterans enrolled for college courtesy of the GI Bill. Young war veterans secured jobs, bought homes and started families backed by the GI Bill. Many secured loans to start businesses in their pursuit for the American dream. Urbanization increased during this period with many cities such as California and New York undergoing tremendous population growth. The GI Bill of rights provided a conducive environment for families to multiply and prosper. This can be highlighted by the fact that as per 2011, there were 76million baby boomers in the United States representing nearly 30% of the US population (Baby Boom Generation).

The baby boom generation is a great example of what government provisions such as favorable education policies and easy access to capital can promote growth of an economy and prosperity in society.

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