Negative Effects of Global Warming Essay

The climate fluctuation affected different species biodiversity considerably and significantly. The natural environment was impacting the weather condition that led to the changes of generations; since some species had to adapt to the established habitats or were exposed to extinction. The forefathers faced with the changes caused by climate oscillations.

A number of species such as mammoths and woolly rhinoceros were resisting the severe climate, but with the advent of global warming, these animals started vanishing, leaving posterity of renewed species represented by elephants or rhinoceros. The mentioned classes is an illustrated example of biodiversity in the past.

Nowadays climate change continues its work and scientists apply different forecasts for the nearest future (Hoffman par.1). The ecological turnover predicts the growth of carbon dioxide and increasing the high temperature that may lead to warmer winter, reducing the level of snow, spreading different infections, raising sea level and extinction of various species.

The significant question about reducing predicted changes makes scientific professionals cogitate about necessary methods and actions. One of the theory includes processes related to reducing the number of carbon emissions, avoiding greenhouse effect, and develop the manufacturing of solar cell batteries and turbine towers. Specified methods may help to prevent global warming or postpone it for the distant future.

Since greenhouse gases became a serious problem for the habitats and the humanity integrally, some activities are required for resolving coming disaster (Nordhaus par 3). The actions that may be taken consist of reducing usage of fossil sources such as oil and gas, implementation the energy-saving technologies, utilization the energy in a cost-effective way, restoring forests and fighting with fires. Forests are the sources of carbon dioxide absorption that clean the air and stimulate life on the Earth planet. The humanity should muse about the environment and biodiversity to protect species from extinction and the planet from the destruction.

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