Essay: Can Moral Values Be Enforced?

What is morality? Is it right to enforce moral values on someone? Morality is a set of principles and norms, which help one understand what is right and wrong. Morality is a very delicate and controversial issue, because everyone has different point of view about what is right or wrong. In some cultures, murder is not a serious crime. In other countries, a man can have several wives and it is not considered immoral.

Doubtless, the human society is based on the norms of ethics and morality. No wonder, moral values can be enforced when a person refuses to follow these principles and standards of moral life. This problem is disputable and thought-provoking; therefore, I will try to analyze it professionally.

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Morality is a complicated problem, because some people accept its principles easily while others refuse to follow them. I should say that it is possible to enforce moral values in different ways. The most foundational way is bringing up. Children should get to know about morality and its principles from the earliest years of their life. Children should learn how to differentiate good and evil things. Of course, it will be hard to persuade the child in the positive and negative sides of the definite types of behavior and actions. It is important to make the child behave in the proper way without any reasons. The child should be able to evaluate the consequences of the negative actions. He/she should behave well, because he/she really cares about the consequences of his/her actions. Good behavior must not depend on the fear of punishment. On the other hand, this method also has its right for existence.

Moral values can be enforced as a kind of punishment. When one commits a crime, he has to be punished. Moreover, a criminal should understand that he has done something bad and that he should change his character and behavior. He should become an integral part of the human society. The criminal should go through the process of socialization in order to become safe for other members of society. In my opinion, this decision is right, because people should not live with the dangerous individuals who are always ready to steal or break something or murder someone. Unfortunately, very few prisons can enforce moral values correctly. It is impossible to enforce good behavior with the help of brutal force and humiliation. Every prisoner should communicate with psychologists and teachers who will bring them up.

Finally, it is possible to enforce moral values with the help of religion. Nearly every popular religion is based on the principles of morality. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and other minor religions propagate positive attitude towards the surrounding world and friendly relations with the people around. Nearly every sermon advertises love and respect towards family, friends and common people. Religion is supposed to be the biggest source of morality though with thesis is quite disputable, because many atheists and agnostics follow the same principles without being the part of any religious institution.

Some people say that it is not right to enforce norms of morality on someone, because every human being is able to choose whether she wants to have a moral life or not. To my mind, it is useful to enforce moral values on the troublesome people who can be dangerous for the human society. When we speak about religion, this issue is very controversial. Religion actually does not influence the human morality. It is possible to find religious people who pray at a daytime and commit crimes at night. I believe that the most important thing is the right bringing up. When parents manage to teach their child how to behave properly, he/she will not have problems with law. He/she will not need to learn about ethics and morality in jail. Finally, she will not require any stimulus to act in the right way.

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